Four easy lifestyle ways to reduce stress, anxiety and depression

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4 ways to reduce stress

Stress doesn’t just affect the elderly; it is a major factor concerning the younger working generation and young women too. How to get rid of stress is a question on everyone’s lips. The bad stress is what we need to get rid of. By practicing ways to reduce distress, we insert positivity and health feelings into our lives.

4 ways to reduce stress

1Find productive and fun things to do

Productive work reduces stress. You also decrease your nervousness and negativity when finding fun work to do. When you do something you enjoy, it releases endorphins. These are natural hormones to reduce your negativity and stress. Passiveness can also cause stress. Being happy and positive can do much to release endorphins.

The same result can be achieved by dong productive work like cleaning your room while listening to music as music relieves anxiety. This is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Be creative and pamper yourself with a herbal bath and placing candles with reduced lighting. Try to get hold of your life and take care of yourself to manage stress and avoid nervousness.

2Change your diet

Certain unhealthy diets cause stress. Excess sugar, highly processed foods, breads and pastas contain gluten and wheat which cause inflammation. These are usually digested slowly and increases metabolic fatigue. Anti inflammatory foods reduce stress on a physiological level, foods rich in serotonin like dark chocolate that regulates cortisol and maintains healthy hormone levels will do much to negate stress, anxiety and depression. Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids are also healthy foods for weight loss and protect your cells and nerves. Foods rich in omega 3’s are salmon and various types of fish. Fish improves cognitive function giving you a healthy brain. Such foods like nuts and pumpkin seeds calm your mind and increase energy.

3Ensure proper sleep

Sleep deprivation increases stress. Among the ways to reduce stress, sleep is the most important. Lack of sleep increases negativity and decreases focus and concentration. It retards your mind, makes your brains fogy and contributes to depression. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep a day. Foods to help you sleep are bananas and those rich in the hormone melatonin. To compensate for sleep you can try taking a nap during the day to get refreshed. Sleep increases patience and decreases anxiety.

4Be physically active

Physical activity is the most important factor in reducing stress. Exercise to reduce stress and anxiety because working out increases metabolic function and contributes to healthy physiological function in your body. Working out helps you sweat all the toxins and release all the nervous pent up tension in your nerves. Join zumba classes, do cardio, aerobics, ballet or yoga. Yoga is a proven method to decrease stress. Observing these ways to reduce stress will keep you healthy and happy.


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