uses of dryer sheet hacks

You’ll be surprised at the amount of products available in supermarkets that you use in the kitchen which can be of other uses in your home. Take dryer sheets for examples. The uses of dryer sheets are many as you will see here and it can be a very convenient item to keep at home. Here are 10 uses of dryer sheets!


Scrubbing food of steel pans

It’s very difficult to get old food off pans. Soak hot water in the pan with a dryer sheet overnight. Next morning wipe it clean.


Dryer sheet to your vacuum bag

A dryer sheet to your vacuum bag will deodorize it and keep it smelling fresh free from musty odor.


Get rid of deodorant marks on clothes

Among uses of dryer sheets, use one to wipe of the white deodorant marks from your clothes. Most material may stain your clothes even more but a dryer sheet is safe.


Clean dust from window blinds

Close your window blinds and then use a dryer sheet to wipe them in a vertical fashion. Now repeat when the blinds are open.


Get rid of hair static

Hair static can be nuisance when trying to brush your hair. A dryer sheet rubbed ion the brush can eliminate this problem.


Clean your iron

Dirt usually builds up on the soleplate of your iron. Turn on the iron, keep it on low and use a dryer sheet to clean all the dirt.


Dryer sheets make your clothes smell better

Keep your drawer with a few dryer sheets in them. This will keep your clothes smelling fresh and nice.


Dryer sheets to deodorize gym bags

Placing a dryer sheet in a gym bag will keep your belonging free from any foul odor of sweat and perspiration.


Helps clean your fridge

Another good uses of dryer sheets is to clean your fridge which has the tendency to collect a lot of grimy fingerprints and grease. A dryer sheet easily cleans al this form your fridge.


Make your books smell fresh

Place dryer sheets between your books to keep them smelling good and free form musty odors.

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