Top five things to use for the natural color of grey strands

natural color of grey strands

Are you having grey strands of hair recently? Then you can try out some homely methods. There are many ways for the natural color of grey strands. If you opt for natural color of hair then you can avoid chemicals. In this way your hair stays healthy and shiny and also coloured naturally at the same time. Using natural things will nourish your hair from within. Here are top five ways of naturally colouring your hair.

1Henna paste

Boil some sesame oil along with curry leaves. When you want to make the henna paste then pour some henna into this liquid and boil again. Cool down the paste and after application let it stay for 3 to 4 hours. Using shikakai you can wash your hair off. It will not only colorize your hair but will also strengthen your hair from its very roots. Natural color of grey strands should be done using this method. Henna also rejuvenates dull lifleless hair

2Trying out lemon

Depending on the length of your hair take about six to eight teaspoons of coconut oil. Add three teaspoons of fresh lime juice in the oil. Apply this pack and let it stay for around half an hour on your hair. Then wash it off using a mild shampoo. Lemon strengthens your skin and keeps it smelling great

3Potatoes for hair coloring

Natural colour of hair can be obtained from potatoes even. Peel around five potatoes and keep the peels in a cup. In a pan pour 2 cups of cold water and then add the peels. Keep on boiling the peels by stirring it for around five minutes. Let the peels cool down and after that strain the water out from the pan so as to store it. Some drops of sandalwood oil can be poured in it so that an aroma comes. After that keep it in a tight container. Use this liquid as a hair rinse after shampooing your hair.

4Tea and coffee used as a hair colour

Coffee and tea is very powerful. It can dye your hair with a dark brown colour. You have to boil your tea leaves or tea powder and then strain the liquid. That strained liquid should be applied on your hair. After mixing coffee powder with boiling water you have to strain the liquid. The strained coffee liquid gives a natural dark brown colour to your hair.

5Outer shell of walnuts

The outer shell of walnuts has to be boiled well for around half an hour. After cooling and straining the liquid it can be applied on your hair with cotton balls. This will leave your hair dark brown. Natural color of grey strands can be done in this way.

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