Top 5 bun hairstyles for woman


Making a bun or a top knot is a thriving fashion among the woman in today’s world. Different kind of bun hairstyles can be made on your hair. This kind of a hairstyle is preferred by most women when it is too hot. Now the question lies how to do a bun hairstyle. Below mentioned are five styles that you can try out on your hair. It actually makes you appear elegant and classy. At the same time it prevents you from getting sweaty near your neck portion.


Classy bun in just two minutes

Do you stay very busy and yet you want your hair to look perfect and flawless. This kind of a bun will look best when you are in your casuals or office attires. It makes you appear classy and sophisticated. You do not need to curl or straighten your hair. With just bobby pins and an elastic you can make this classy bun in just two minutes.


Messy top knot

This is the easiest among all the bun hairstyles. It suits perfectly with your casual wears and makes you stand out in the crowd. With the help of few bobby pins and an elastic you can achieve such an awesome top knot. Hardly does it steal your precious time. You have to secure your hair at the top of your head with an elastic. Two sections of your hair should be left open at the front.


Messy side up do

You must be thinking how to do a bun hairstyle that is messy and at the same time made at the side of your head. Well it is pretty much adjustable and will look at its best when done before going for an event or a party. It is best suited if you are a teenager, young adult or within the age of 30.


Dutch braided bun

This is a simple hairstyle that will cost you just 6 minutes. First of all you have to make the Dutch braid and then tug it all together into a messy low cute little bun. You can make this hairstyle when you will be out partying at night. It also works wonders during the day.


Bouffant bun

If you want your hair to appear heavy then you must surely try this out. It is one of the best bun hairstyles that you can make during the season of summer. You can match it with your business and casual attires.

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