Top 4 Exercises to get well toned Sexy Calves

Weighted_Seated Calf Raises

Given the several different exercises for calves that are present, choosing the best out of them can seem rather difficult. In order to get sexy toned calves, you must first know about the muscles that give your calves their structural shape. There are two major muscles in the calf- the Soleus and the Gastrocnemius, with the Soleus being the larger one. The Soleus is responsible for toning your calves into shape while the Gastrocnemius appears distinctively visible when you raise your heels.

The following four calf exercises have been specifically designed to work on these two muscles to give you those toned sexy-looking calves that you so desire:

1Weighted Seated Calf Raises

Weighted Seated Calf Raises affect the Soleus muscles. While it put more pressure on the Soleus, it also puts some strain on the Gastrocnemius. You don’t need any special machine to execute this workout. Just use a pair of dumbbells or a weighted plate. Place the plate/dumbbells on your knees while sitting on a bench and begin your workout. However, make sure that you have a firm hold on the plate or dumbbells to prevent them from slipping off your knees. The frequency for this workout is 3 sets of 12 reps.


Stairmasters affect both the calves and the glutes. This means that with this workout you will be getting sexy calves along with sexy glutes. This proves that the Stairmaster is a great leg work out that keeps you going on your toes until you are done performing. In a way it is quite similar to jump rope. Also remember to not be too hasty as it may distract you and stop you from being on your toes. If you are not on your toes then this entire exercise will be meaningless as it will not affect the targeted muscles in your calves. Keep doing as many as you can.

3Weighted Standing Calf Raises

This is basically the same concept as the weighted seated calf raises, the only difference being that in this version of the calf raise you will be standing instead of sitting. The requirements are a pair of dumbbells, a pair of kettlebells or even a barbell. This may be a little more difficult than the seated version, but is more effective in terms of affecting both calf muscles. It even adds more pressure on the muscles to stimulate development at a quicker pace. This will definitely whip your calf muscles into a sexy shape in no time. The frequency for this workout is 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

4Jump Rope

Jump ropes are excellent cardiovascular workouts that not only affect your calf muscles but various different muscle groups throughout your body. In this you will be constantly jumping on your toes for as long as you can. Thus this really stresses out the calf muscles a lot. Along with being an efficient calf toner it is also a good fat burner, and boosts stamina and endurance.

These four exercises will give you well toned sexy calves by burning up all the fat in your legs and tone your calves into a sexier looking muscular structure. Wondering why these four? Well the reason is apparently because these exercises focus on getting you to perform all of them on the ball of your feet/toes to exert pressure mainly on your calf muscles. Hence these four will certainly help you get the sexy calves you have been longing for.

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