Tips To Look Perfect At Your First Prom or Date

Tips To Look Perfect At Your First Prom or Date

Your first date has to be perfect and yeah we get it, it’s stressful to look beautiful on that big day… but no fear as with some proper preparation and tips and tricks you can be the belle of the ball or prettiest date ever for that lucky guy.

Here are some Date night look tips which would make you sail through the date night like a true princess ensuring a whole lot of rose bouquets and cards on your doorstep the morning after from your admirer(s).

Dress: RED is the new black. Gone are the days of LBDs and red is the new hue of the season especially if it’s a romantic dinner date. Small red halter neck dress screams out confidence, passion and sexy! be it candle light dinner, prom night or even a romantic anniversary date, red dress is going to do the talk on your behalf. Enough said already.

Romantic make up tips: Now that you have gorgeous red dress, you have to team it with smart and minimal make up and accessories too. Smokey eye makeup is the perfect complement to the mood; if it’s a party or dance you can add a hint of gold shimmer, otherwise kohl lined eyes with mascara would do the magic on a casual date. Lips cannot be ignored, if eye makeup is too heavy then nude lip gloss would do the job, but if it’s an evening bash red lipstick will go amazing with the dress.

Accessories: The most interesting part of getting dolled up for ANY occasion is the choice of accessories a girl has which is mind-blowing. We can almost have a dedicated article ONLY on shoes and bags! But sticking to the groove here, if the date night look is during day then pink or red colored wedges would be fine, while stilettos are a must for night out. Satin or silk scarves loosely wrapped around the neck gives the sexy edge which can used up to tie your hair in a bow tie pony too which gives a quirky but a classy chick look too.

Hat or head bands (70s style): Add the element of classy yet crazy in your complete look. Best is you can customize the look according to the occasion and save your hair from getting disheveled during those long drives, so not only it has aesthetic appeal but practical sense as well.

Classic shoulder bags or clutches: This is simple yet elegant accessory which can be color coordinated like fuchsia with the dress and lipstick tone. For an evening bash silver or gold clutch will get the right attention from all the quarters. Even the quintessential leather distressed bags can go with both the day and evening looks giving you alternative rock chick meets girly elegance which is simply irresistible and impossible easy look to achieve.

Classy aviators: We can finally add the last but most killing element of the accessory for day and that a pair of cool aviator shades. Truly this trend is here to stay and who say you cannot wear them with a dress?

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