Tips on choosing portable air conditioners for your home in summer

choosing portable air conditioners for your home

Summer is here and its time to start looking for portable air conditioners and summer air coolers for your home or beauty room. The best way to start your search for portable air conditioners is to decide on a good energy rating certified by the multi star label. Looks do not always count; you need to take in account specifications and performance.

Calculate the size of the cooling area

The thermal unit rating of a summer air cooler or air conditioner will specify how much heat it can condition from your room. The size of the area where you have decided to install an Ac should be kept in mind too. This is one factor where you may need to contemplate on carefully, especially if your cooling requirements are larger than the space available.

Different brands and features should be taken into account

Portable air conditioners are available in different brands and features. Some people find a drip AC a better choice due to the affordability. The only problem in a drip function is that you would need to manually empty but the moisture collection tray regularly. Non drip machines have an evaporating mechanism where excess moisture is evaporated. Ac’s with dual exhaust systems have a higher degree of cooling and air circulation power as compared to those with single exhaust.

Most advanced AC models have a built in dehumidifier

Most branded air conditoners have multifunctional features. Choose an ac where you could run a fan in non cooling mode which reduces the load on the unit thereby saving energy. Multifunction units also have dehumidifiers with air purification and antivirus properties. Of course these may be costlier than regular cooling units, but a dehumidifier is a great feature to have in an ac especially when you live in damp climate conditions with high humidity which can be very uncomfortable at times. You could also purchase individual dehumidiers that come in mini sizes ideal for small spaces such as bathrooms and damp closets.

Check out the specifications and features

When going over the specifications of a portable air conditioner look for one which comes with a remote control because in case you mount the unit on a wall you will need a remote. The remote itself should have all controlling features such as dehumidifier, temperature, fan, and various settings. Some attractive units have very basic controls that feature just a temperature and cooling control, that’s it!


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