Tips on the best spring make up

best spring make up

Are you looking for the perfect make up to look gorgeous everyday? Makeup artists brings to you a range of makeup collection and ways to apply it perfectly on various areas of your face. The 2016 make up trends include dark red lips and blue sparkly eyes. To define your eyes and lips like a pro here are some tips on best spring make up.

Trying out red shade on your lips

Do you like your lips to appear like a cherry or an apple? Well this is the new kind of a shade that is invented by the makeup artists this spring. The shade has taken most women off their toes. Red shade is thronging the market more and more. Even a red shade has variations. Shades vary from one company to another.

It really makes you appear fantastic with your everyday attire. Even if you are not going to a party and it is a simple day like everyday then also this shade can serve as an all-purpose. It’s up to you to decide whether you want a satin, matte or a glowing finish. Matte is mostly preferred with office attires. This shade can be called as the best spring make up of the age.

Lining your upper eye lids with the colour blue

Do you want to grab some extra attention for a day? Then 2016 make up trends suggest you to line your upper eye lids with a blue sparkling liquid liner or with a kohl. Now if your question is how to apply it? Then it is a very simple task. Closing one of your eyes for sometime on which you want to apply the kohl you can draw a thick blue line. It makes you appear dazzling.

The above mentioned make up tips for this spring are sure to attract you if you are a lover of make up. You just have to learn how to apply it like a pro. If you are not comfortable enough to apply your lipstick from the stick itself then you can use a lip brush. This will give you a good blending. Same goes for your eyes. If you are not able to apply your liquid eye liner then you can opt for a pencil. This will help you in gaining a grasp over your make up. In this way you will be able to appear eye catching.

These are the best spring make up tips that you should follow this spring.

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