How to Stay Healthy in Summer

How to Stay Healthy in Summer

When you commit to staying healthy there are no breaks in between. It has to be constant and continuous. That being said the summer can really pose a serious challenge to your will to commit. Summer time fun like vacations with friends and family can rob you off your time to exercise or workout and plus there is also the heat that makes it a bit uncomfortable to want to exercise. But the thing about staying healthy in summer is that you never feel lethargic, you are calm both physically and mentally and comfortable.
So here are some useful tips to help you balance your summer time exercising schedule and make you want to exercise despite being uncomfortable:

4Start off Early

It would be beneficial to begin exercising/working out early because when you put it off for too long, you wouldn’t want to do it later. You’d even come up with some kind of excuse to do it tomorrow. So, the best thing is to get it over and done with early in the morning. It is also quite cool at that time and is the best way to kick start your day.

3Keep a Small Target

Remember even doing a little exercise for a short while, is still something. This means that it is much better than doing nothing. Don’t think that not doing a huge workout for more than hour that your day has gone to a complete waste. Even doing 2-3 yoga postures or even 2-3 exercises will definitely make you feel good for the rest of the day.

2Before any Activity drink a good amount of water

As soon as you wake up drink a full glass of water. This is because the body responds to the first thing it gets and having water is essential to keep your body sufficiently hydrated during your exercising session. Plus drinking water before meals ensures that your body does not get confused if it’s thirsty or hungry. Drinking water also keeps you from getting flabby and losing tight abs muscles.

1Exercise along with friends

Be it exercising in a group or along with a single friend, your session becomes a lot more fun when you have other people doing it with you. Another benefit is that you wouldn’t want to put it off as easily, as you know others are relying on you to show up.

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