This incredible solution drunk Every Night before Sleeping Will Help You Lose Fat

solution to lose fat

Restful sleep at night helps you burn calories no doubt but the problem is are you burning enough calories while you sleep? Sleeping helps in resting muscles and muscle recovery so that your muscles are also built up too. Sleep helps improve bodily function but to lose fat you need an extra boost to your metabolism during sleep so that extra fat is burned at night.

Drinking this solution of lemon and parsley will guarantee you losing accumulated fat which is extremely hard to lose in the wake of a sedentary lifestyle. The solution is extremely powerful but you should only consume it 2 hours after a meal and just before you sleep to have maximum effect.

This is what you just do just before you retire to bed.

Use these ingredients to make a solution

• Lemon 1 pc
• Fresh parsley
• Honey and ginger, 1 teaspoon each
• Cinnamon, ½ teaspoon
• Apple cider vinegar or ordinary vinegar 1 teaspoon

Combine the above ingredients to make a potion. This becomes your solution to lose fat while you sleep at night. Ensure that you have had your dinner well in advance as your stomach needs to be empty for this to work. It would be better to eat as early in the evening as possible or have an extremely light dinner. Eat what could be termed as frugal meal.

How your lemon parsley cocktail works

After drinking this potion for a few weeks you will notice remarkable results of weight loss as this burns up stored gat in the body while you sleep. Both lemon and parsley combine to give your metabolism a boost to burn fat. The potion to lose fat will work well but you need to be committed to its routine every night.

When drinking this potion to lose fat, your digestion will also improve and you will also reap immense health benefits as it is packed with vitamin C and the goodness of apple cider vinegar and parsley. Both these ingredients have anti oxidants and bacteria fighting properties to keep you in the pink of health. You should also maintain a good lifestyle, proper diet and get plenty of exercise.

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