Worried you still can’t decide which hairstyle looks good on you. Even though you’ve been to your hairstylist, you notice something missing. Your hair style is yet to give you that oomph factor. So why is your hair do not suiting you. The big reason is because of your face. Not every hairstyle suits everybody and experts say that you should style your hair according to your facial structure and shape. It’s a fact that hairstyle and facial shape match a lot and that’s why, here are 6 hairstyles to suit your face shape so that you can be the center of attraction.


Circular Face

A circular face should have a hairstyle that will make your face look longer; In this case either wear a long wavy ponytail or fringe. But the best hairstyle will be straight long tresses with a feather cut perhaps just like Selena Gomez.


Square Face

For a square face you need to soften the sharp prominent corners. Your hairstyle should cover your cheeks and while a sideways fringe may look good or wavy curls, the best one to suit a square face would be flowing wavy curls just like Angelina Jolie here


Heart Shaped Face

When dealing with hairstyles to suit your face, a heart shaped face needs you to reduce the prominence of your chin so that your eyes and cheeks are highlighted. While medium length curls and medium length flow would be nice, the ideal hairstyle would be a side pony tail like Cameron Diaz.


Diamond Shaped Face

A diamond shaped face needs to reduce and soften the highlight of the cheeks and straight lines so a medium; length hairstyle with side parting may be great. Alternately you could have a thick fringe with waves but the best hairstyle of all is the cute pixie cut like Jennifer Lawrence


Rectangle Shape Face

Rectangular faces have high cheekbones and well defined chin. The best styles suited for this type of face is a fringe with either long hair or wavy hair but the best one would be a bob with a fringe like Paris Hilton


Oval Shape Face

Among all hairstyles to suit your face, Oval shaped faces can wear any sort of hairstyle as everything is compatible with an oval shaped face. However the best choices would be a bob or medium length hair, Light waves would suit a oval shaped face best just like just like Beyonce.

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