Seven Essential Lingerie Items to Have In Your Wardrobe for Dressing for Any Occasion


Hi gals, have you ever been in a situation where you missed out on an essential piece of your wardrobe and that’s really put you in a tight spot. Lingerie’s and innerwear is an essential part of every gals wardrobe and though the trends change time to time you still need to have some basic items always stashed there in your cupboard as all purpose wear.
To be prepared for any special occasion, make sure you have these seven essential lingerie items always present in your wardrobe.


T-Shirt Bra

The Cupped T-shirt bra is your best friend that allows you to wear those tight t shirts without revealing much except for a shapely rounded seamless cup that gives you a flawless and aesthetic but hot appearance. Wearing t shirts with bras is a much better option than going without a bra as it makes you look frivolous.


Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are the most practical piece of innerwear in your wardrobe as it allows you to wear even the shortest of dresses without a hint of discomfort. Enjoy your summer with flowing skirts and floral tops without any worry on inadequate coverage.


Strapless Bra

When summer comes, it’s time to take out your halter necks and strapless tops which make you look and feel cool but chic and sexy at the same time. Without a strapless bra, you won’t exactly look top notch in such clothes. This is why a strapless bra becomes such an essential lingerie item to have.


Basic, Everyday Bras and undies

Always ensure that your wardrobe is well stacked with an assorted range of regular innerwear such as bras and panties. While total covered panties like jockeys are good, you can also have a couple of g string styled panties for added comfort and the feeling of sensuality. A black bra will always match with any clothing. Underwear always makes your clothes look good on you as they add shape to your body.


A comfortable but cutesy Nightdress

A baby doll nightdress is what every gal should have in her wardrobe. The feeling of sheer soft satin against the skin is not only sensual but cool and comforting to. Not forgetting that it may be a great turn on for your partner too.


Sports Bra

Sports bras are necessary especially if you’re working out and going to the gym frequently. These are the best items to wear while exercising while lending support and protection to your breasts. Sports bras should always be chosen for high quality fabric so that while exercising you don’t experience any skin irritation.


Convertible Bra

Convertible bras are the best for those gals who don’t like too much variety. These items can double as strapless bras or bras with straps. Convert them into halter necks or one shoulder straps whichever way you dress, a convertible bra is a convenient item in your wardrobe and one of the most essential lingerie items to have.

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