5 Natural Remedies for Sensitive Teeth to Reduce Pain

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5 remedies for teeth sensitivity

Sensitivity in teeth is a common issue for all ages. It can cause horrible pain and discomfort in your teeth when they come in contact with very cold and hot food. This happens when the teeth enamel is damaged because of abrasion and rough handling .Once the enamel is damaged, the nerve ending gets irritated. This causes teeth sensitivity Here are 5 proven natural remedies for Sensitive teeth.

Remedies for Sensitive teeth

Teeth sensitivity also happens due to tooth decay, teeth grinding, gum disease, chipped teeth or vigorous brushing. When the dentin is exposed through loss of enamel, the area becomes prone to extreme sensation especially form hot and cold foods and liquids. Dentin is a part of tooth that covers the nerves. Let’s explore the natural remedies for sensitive teeth.

1Salt and Pepper

Both salt and pepper are anti inflammatory and analgesic properties. They help in reducing the pain from sensitive teeth. Mix these ingredients in equal amounts and add a little water so as to make a paste. Now put the paste on the affected tooth. Let it remain for some time. Repeat this method every day to get maximum relief.

2Garlic and rock salt

Garlic has antibiotic properties. It provides immense relief from the sensitive teeth. Take some garlic cloves and crush them with a small amount of rock salt. Apply this mixture directly on the painful tooth. This will instantly reduce the pain on the tooth.. Repeat this procedure for some days.

3Clove and olive oil

Cloves are well known anti-inflammatory ingredient for sensitive teeth. They also possess antioxidant and anesthetic property that makes it the best choice as a remedy for sensitive teeth. This makes it an ideal choice for tooth pain or any infection. Take one or two cloves and grind them. Mix the little amount of olive oil to it. Apply this mixture on the sensitive tooth. This will help in reducing the pain and cure the sensitive teeth.


Onions have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that can help alleviate toothaches. It kills the germs and gives immense relief from toothache and tooth sensitivity. Chew on raw onion for some time. This will help in reducing the pain. You can just put a piece of raw onion on the affected tooth. Doing this much also will help you get relief.

5Warm salt water

Salt water solution is good for almost everything. Just rinse your mouth with a salt water solution. This will surely help you to reduce the pain and the inflammation related to a sensitive tooth. This mixture is also very helpful in fighting the germs in the mouth.

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