9 Pomegranate Peel Benefits That Can Be Used As A Facial Scrub To Improve Skin Health

Pomegranate peel benefits

The pomegranate peel is excellent for health. Instead of throwing it away, here’s how you can use it to derive pomegranate peel benefits that range from several applications. Pomegranate peel is packed with antioxidants and is an excellent remedy for skin health.

1Useful for skin inflammation pimples and rash

Pomegranate peel can treat pimples, skin inflammation and rashes of different sorts as the peels contain a high number of cancer prevention agents and have calming and hostile to bacterial properties. Simply broil a couple seeds over a skillet or container cool and crush them in a processor with water. Apply the glue on influenced territories. Wash following 30 minutes with tepid water.

2Wrinkles and antiageing

Because of the nearness of cell reinforcements, pomegranate peels is likewise a decent treatment anti wrinkle treatment. Blend sun dried powdered peel with drain for dry skin, for sleek skin and rose water rather and utilize this as a cover twice every week.

3Moisturizing Cream

Pomegranate peel saturates and hydrates skin from contaminations and poisons created by environment. It additionally reestablishes the pH adjust of skin. Along with sun dried pomegranate peel blend yogurt and apply the glue to neck and face for ten minutes day by day. Wash off with warm water.

4Facial scrub

Among the advantages of pomegranate peel, it functions as a decent clean to exfoliate dead skin cells. It likewise evacuates high contrast heads. Utilize two tablespoon of dried pomegranate peel powder, include 1 teaspoon chestnut sugar, 1 teaspoon nectar, 1 teaspoon of any fundamental oil and make a glue. Rub your face with the blend and wash off. Apply cream before long.


Adding dried pomegranate peel powder to your standard sunscreen improves its energy to shield you from UV beams of the sun.

6Dandruff and balding

Blend pomegranate peel powder with hair oil and back rub altogether into your hair. Keep overnight and cleanser next morning. This treatment is extraordinary for fortifying hair and avoiding dandruff.

7Fantastic for sore throat

The calming properties of pomegranate peel make it a decent solution for sorethroat. Simply bubble dried pomegranate peel in water, strain and cool. Wash with the arrangement.

8Useful for bone wellbeing

In a glass of warm water blend pomegranate peel powder, include 1 spoon lemon juice and a squeeze of salt. Drinking this routinely is useful for bone thickness and bone quality.

9Improving gut-wellbeing

A noteworthy advantage of pomegranate peel is that it contains tannin which diminishes intestinal aggravation, hemorrhoid swelling, and intestinal seeping amid looseness of the bowels and enhances processing. Take a some pomegranate peel powder and absorb water for 30 minutes. Mix with cumin seeds, 3/fourth buttermilk, and squeeze of shake salt. Drink thrice seven days for heaps and intestinal issues or poor processing. For looseness of the bowels, drink thrice every day.

How to make pomegranate powder

• 5 pomegranates cut in 4 halves
• Remove peels and cut in halves
• Remove yellow portion

Place the peels in a dry cloth and dry out in the sun to remove all moisture. Grind the peels for two minutes and store in a glass jar.

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