Michael Kors Selma Satchel: A great bag to carry in summer


It has always been the tendency of any trendy man or woman to sport the latest in fashion. Be it clothing, suits, lingerie or shoes, being fashionable makes a statement. It is no exception with summer bag fashion and the new Michael Kors Selma Satchel is a global favorite and is agreat bag to carry in summer
Michael Kors Selma Satchel

Take a Michael Kors Selma Satchel Top Work Or Even On A Date

A large sized Selma Satchel comes with a combination of the latest trendy features and various functional qualities where you can carry a whole lot of stuff required during summer such as an umbrella and your water bottle.
Bearing a resemblance with Prada Saffiano Tote and Celine Luggage tote, it includes a shoulder strap long enough to be doubled and used as a cross-body strap along with a zipper up top, beneficial for city residents.
Michael Kors Selma Satchel in summer

Selma Satchels Come In a Variety of Shapes

Priced at $358, the Selma’s have four different sizes/shapes- small, medium, E/W large and n/S large. It also comes in a variety of dark and bright colors be it black, white, navy, red, luggage, neon yellow, tangelo orange, hot pink, gold etc.
Selma Satchels price

Selma Satchels Are Suitable For All Lifestyles

The bag is lovable, with a standard shape, a bit modest but nevertheless unfading. The detailed functions of the bag such as the trapezoidal form, adjustable strap, the robust top zip etc. have deemed this bag adjustable for all lifestyles.
On a more serious note, quality before the brand is the defining factor of the product. Owing to this point, the Michael Kors Selma has fantastic durability and resilience so much so that even thoughtless rough handling of the bag may not deteriorate its appearance and features. The implementation of hard-wearing saffiano leather in its textural make-up characterizes its intense resilience.


Spacious and versatile for a whole lot of uses

The bigger and spacious feature of the Selma is what distinguishes it from the narrower & taller bags. It also goes along impressively with almost every outfit and its interior comprises of pockets galore with sufficient area to accommodate cameras and lunch boxes. It doesn’t contain a fabric divider like many other bags do, making them less accommodating to larger items.
Michael Kors Selma summer

Michael Kors the Coolest Name in Bag Fashion

Its brand’s name is noticeably humble to public eyes, and the hardware stamp remains seemingly imperceptible, while the monogram aligns its inner surface. However these miniscule features won’t be a major hindrance. The bag isn’t too light given that it may weigh around 2 pounds owing to its sturdy leather build. Regardless of that, the lengthy leather strap serves the purpose of removing any inconsistencies faced with carrying the bag.
Concluding that this bag is extremely advantageous as summer bag fashion. It would be a wise choice if you so decide to get one. Even if you’re a person who is especially careful where money is concerned, then rest assure, for when it comes to purchasing this fine piece of luxury.
Michael Kors Selma beach

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