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Dressing for the Beach

5 Summer Styles, Your Perfect Way of Dressing for the Beach

How do you reinvent your summer wardrobe, you simply dress according to your own personality and style? Taking a cue from these five snapshots...
Trendy tops this summer

Trendy tops this summer

Lovely tops are in store for you this summer. Trendy tops are designed and bought into the market every now and then by the...
prevent hair damage while swimming

5 Tips Guaranteed To Help You Prevent Hair Damage While Swimming

Summer always means you’re going to be spending more time at the pool. But while cooling off at the pool seems the best way...
Summer Skin with Melon

Get Better Summer Skin with Melon

Melons are a great way to protect your skin from the effects of anti ageing as they contain a super dose of antioxidants like...
How to Stay Healthy in Summer

How to Stay Healthy in Summer

When you commit to staying healthy there are no breaks in between. It has to be constant and continuous. That being said the summer...