Here are five tips for beginners at gardening sure to help you


Gardening is a cool hobby to take up especially if you have a green thumb and you really love to be among the colorful façade of nature. Gardening is a great way to burn calories and get adequate exercise and sunshine. Regardless of wanting to grow vegetables or some pretty flowers here are six tips for beginners at gardening.

1Start a Container Garden If You Have Inadequate Space

 A container garden is best when you have very little space in your backyard. The advantage of a container garden is that you can fill it with fertile soil right away and prevent the growth of weeds. You could easily start a container garden behind your back door, a window sill or even on your porch. Start with a small container or pots at first till you get the hang of it. Then go on to larger containers.

2Good Solid Soil and Proper Drainage

Your container should have sufficient drainage because you wouldn’t want stagnant water to accumulate in the container which would kill the plants. Good solid and fertile soil is mandatory of you want to see your plants with flowers in bloom. Compost for your container garden will also be necessary for healthy plants. You can make your own compost from wasted, food; rotten vegetables egg shells, tea leaves and waste portions of fruit like the core of an apple. Your container will also need to have a hole in the bottom. For best results line the bottom of the container with rocks.

3Chose a Good Location

 When providing tips for beginners at gardening, the right choice of location is extremely important as some plants require shade and some strong sunlight. Some require a mix of both. Either purchase your plants according to the location available or place your plants in the proper manner according to their requirements. You could place your container garden on a trolley to make things easier.

4Plant the right type

Plants bloom in different seasons hence timing is important. You will need to learn how to plant what at which time of the year. Also check with your horticulturist or nursery which seeds would best suit your zone and location.

5Plants suited for Beginners

Some plants can be very difficult to maintain but others which are just as beautiful are easy too. Easy to grow plants are tomatoes, basil, peppers, onions and beans. Flowering plants that are easy to grow are sunflowers, dahlias, roses, petunias, black eyed Susan’s and lilies.

Get some advice from your nursery about hardy plants that can withstand your climate. Ensure that you water, trim and prune your plants regularly for a beautiful flowering container garden. Follow these tips for beginners at gardening and you’re sure to see great results.

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