The Surprising Health Benefits of Sex in Improving Health and Well Being

health benefits of sex image
health benefits of sex

So you thought sex was just for sexual gratification and not for anything else? Well did you know the health benefits of sex? Physical intimacy improves general health as it releases hormones necessary for well being and benefits your physiology. Not only does sexual intimacy benefit health, it also increases a gratifying and satisfactory loving relationship with your partner. It’s best when both partners cooperate in their desires and needs because that’s what makes it even more pleasurable.

Sexual intimacy can help both physical and mental well being. According to experts, it can improve immunity, burn calories and strengthen your sexual physiology. Physical intimacy reduces stress and helps you sleep better.

The health benefits of sex

Sex reduces stress

Daily intercourse leads to an increase of brain cells in the hippocampus, the area that keeps stress under control. It also regulates stress related blood pressure and released glucocorticoids which are anti stress hormones.

It helps you sleep.

The physical activity and intensity of intercourse involves physical calorie burning movements as well as brain related activity. Thus the entire routine of physical intimacy can stimulate your body in a positive way culminating in a point where your body is relaxed of all tension and ready to sleep. Thus it i8s safe to say that sex improves sleep.

It burns calories

As a form of physical activity, sexual intercourse also burns calories. It is great for weight loss and did you know?? Sex also improves low back pain.

It improves relationship love and bonding

During sexual intercourse, the hormone oxytocin is released and this is the most important part of physical intimacy. It is this hormone that triggers feelings of love and compassion towards ones partner after a bout of healthy sex. This then increases intimacy and binding. Oxytocin decreases stress and improves mental well being. Oxytocin is released more during climax so the more satisfying the sex, the healthier you feel in body and the closer you feel to your partner.  So now that you know the health benefits of sex, have a romp with your partner every day.

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