7 New Hairstyle Trends of 2017 You Definitely Should Try Out

New Hairstyle Trends 2017
New Hairstyle Trends 2017

Your hairstyle is one of the most important aspects of your style and looks which can make a huge fashion statement. Not always should you go around with the same boring hairstyle but always opt for a change in hairstyle to feature some new hair style trends or even sport hair styling factors that will complement your face. Here are some new hairstyle trends 2017 to try out and make you look gorgeous

Hairstyle Trends 2017

1Super straight

Smooth, straight and glossy hair is one of the main hairstyle trends of 2017, though it doesn’t suit everyone. Remember that you need to have healthy hair root to end. You need to apply some protective spray before reaching for your hair straightener.

2High ponytail

High ponytails according to celebs are much better than low ones as it makes you look sexier. Regardless of being straight or careless hair, the ponytail option suits any occasion and can look businesslike, romantic or sexy.


3Flat waves

Flat wave’s hair is another natural wavy look that can be achieved with a hair straightener. Roll your hair onto it; now tousle it with your fingers to make it appear a bit wavy. Remember that you have to to leave the ends straight.


4Long bangs or retro style

Bangs have once again made a comeback from 2016 but are showing up with more length and volume. No need to worry but bangs anymore as its super trendy hairstyle trends 2017.


5Super long hair

The biggest hairstyle trends of 2017 is the longest hair you can get because the longer the better. If you have been wanting to grow your hair all this while then now is the right time.


6Super parting

Super parting is one of the new trends in summer hair styles this year. It’s new to try a side part rather than a middle one which gives your hair more volume and gives it a natural asymmetrical look that will look sexy and different.


7Shiny moist hair

Smooth and moist gelled hair is a trend quickly caught up by celebrities. You can decide yourself how glossy and wet your hair should be. A stylish image is guaranteed that will be in vogue with the hairstyle trends 2017.



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