A Guide on Making Compost for Summertime Gardening

best garden compost

Compost can be purchased from plant nurseries and horticultural manufacturers. However if you have enough garden space for a compost pit, you can easily produce the material on your own. It is beneficial for your garden soil and potted plants especially when you indulge in summertime gardening so that you get a beautiful garden in summer.

The best method of improving your garden soil is organic gardening using natural fertilizers such as compost to promote plant growth. Compost is basically decomposed mixture of all biodegradable natural waste products found lying around in your backyard or garden. Dead leaves or wood scraps are all ingredients added to make compost.

You will be surprised to find that the best garden compost are lying in and around your home and your yard. Home composters can be old pieces of cardboard, vegetable and fruit peels, used tea leaves, coffee grinds and all kitchen vegetable waste. These are beneficial sources of organic compost hospitable to microorganisms like worms that are constantly improving soil by decomposition and producing nutrients. Owning a garden and throwing these away would be foolish, because this is what you would be paying for when purchasing composting supplies.

Ideally anything that is natural and can rot can decompose into good compost. You could make your own compost bin in a corner of your yard. Sources of natural garden composters found in your yard are twigs, dried leaves, pieces of wood, mowed grass and dead flowers. Compost grown from garden waste promotes all types of growth such as potted plants, sowing seeds etc.

natural garden composters

Compost should be purchased according to the needs of your garden

When purchasing composting supplies, you need to consider what kind of plants you will be using it for. Compost from containers or potted plants need to constitute everything required for growth as the plant is restricted to the limits of the container. When you are germinating seeds then a special type of compost suited for propagation of expensive plants is needed. The delicate nature of seeds requires special nutrients for support.

For maintaining growth of shrubs and border plants in summertime gardening, you have the border type compost. Plants having an affinity towards acid do not respond well to natural garden compost. Breeds such as Azalea, camellias and rhododendrons, need what is call the Ericaceous type of compost in order to thrive. Always remember never to add materials like plastic or dog and cat waste to compost heaps. These contain toxins bad for plants.

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