tommy hilfiger bikini collection

If you thought summer wear shows had it good then you haven’t seen the Tommy Hilfiger’s spring/summer collection 2016 which was launched in September last year. It seems Gigi Hadid had a whale of a time with a myriad of floral prints, beachwear and oh so sexy swimsuits.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Runaway Spring/Summer Collections Of Sexy Bikinis
Almost every model had a super sexy look with Hilfiger’s latest collection of the spring 2016 runaway show. Although it’s been more than six months now, yet the collection is now being sported by celebrities and fahsionistas alike. Gigi Hadid especially looked breathtaking in her bikini ensembles.
Tommy Hilfigers Runaway Spring-Summer Collections Of Sexy Bikinis
Gigi Hadid Shone on the Stage at Hilfiger’s Runaway Spring/Summer Collection
The bikinis were the highlight of the show which has been splashed on all mags and reviews across the world. The new crochet two pieces especially were dazzling and cool as ever. Although the show was held just after summer last year, the great thing is that this summer we get to see all of Tommy Hilfiger’s very best summer collection 2016.

tommy-hilfiger-spring-collection-2016Gigi Hadid Sports the Signature Tommy Hilfiger Look
Gigi Hadid’s white one piece could well have been a bikini to wear on the beach. The crisscross patterns with beads that sweep across the tummy are as cool as any beachwear can be. But what really hit top spot was a killer short white midriff baring top with matching blue shorts that had the typical Hilfiger signature look.
Gigi Hadid spring collection

Watch Gigi Hadid in a Tommy Hilfiger Crochet Bikini
Watch Gigi Hadid on the runaway in Tommy Hilfiger’s runaway spring summer collection of 2016. The two piece blue green bikini connected as a one piece with crocheting work is a clever touch that gives the entire ensemble an ethnic look. The splash of color on the crochet is definitely the highlight and Hadid pulls it off splendidly given her awesome hot body.
Tommy Hilfiger Crochet Bikini
The Best of the Runaway Collection
Here s the entire crew of models splashing about wearing the best of Hilfiger’s runaway collection spring/summer 2016. There nothing more appealing and sexy so splurge on some of these great outfits and look dashing on the beach this summer.
Tommy Hilfiger springs
Let’s see what Tommy Hilfiger ahs in store after summer for 2017.

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