The four best food sources of vitamin D to give you healthy skin and bones


As we all know the sun is a rich source of vitamin d. But, what happens when we don’t get adequate sunlight? You require vitamin for beautiful skin and healthy bones. The reason as to why the sun isn’t a reliable source is because- most of us have to work indoors for the majority of our time. Thus being able to get enough sunlight is not possible. Hence there are quite a number of cases of adults being vitamin D deficient. In some cases it even depends on the weather, since the weather is never the same throughout the year.

But even if you are able to move out, too much exposure to sunlight can be dangerous as it can result in heatstroke or in severe cases skin cancer. This is precisely why you should consider getting your vitamin D supplies from more reliable sources like food. Here are four major food sources of vitamin D.


Mushrooms specifically sun-dried mushrooms contain huge amount of vitamin D. In one sense they are similar to our skin, as they too create vitamin D by the absorption of sunlight which sets of the chemical processes in them. Around 3.5 ounces of sun-dried shiitake mushrooms contain approximately 1,600 IUs, but the same 3.5 ounces of fresh shiitake mushrooms only contain 100 IUs.

2Fatty Fish

In accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture, a single trout fillet is equivalent to 502 IUs while a single salmon fillet is equivalent to 815 IUs of vitamin D. This makes fatty fish a really good source of vitamin D. Fish also provides the body with omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein. But if you don’t have a taste for fish, consider cod liver oil or its cod liver oil capsules. While the capsule is basically for vitamin D supplementation the oil itself in a single spoon provides 1,300 IUs of vitamin D.


Eggs are one of the best food sources of vitamin D. In comparison to other foods have slightly higher vitamin D content, although it may not be as high as the previous two. One egg contains only 41 IUs of vitamin D. Eggs are low in calories but high in proteins.

4Fortified Foods

Orange juice, cereal, milk etc. are examples of fortified food products. They are fortified with both vitamin D and calcium. For instance while a glass of milk is highly rich in calcium, it is also contains around 400 IUs of vitamin D.

Still if you have a vitamin D deficiency condition, then it would be best if you would consult with your doctor as whether or not you should take vitamin D rich supplements. According to the National Institutes of Health, the daily allowance for the consumption of vitamin D should be no less than (RDA) 600 IUs (international units) for the ages between 1-70 years. The Vitamin D Council estimates the required daily consumption at 5,000 IUs, every single day. But, it is also safe to consume more than the required quantities, in case of a situation wherein the need for extra consumption arises.

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  1. I must say I found this article very helpful as I have faced a few skin problems. I would like to know is it ok to take vitamin D supplements? As being I the sun too much also causes skin damage doesn’t it?

    • A few moments in the sun everyday will not harm you and will give your daily intake of vitamin although wear sun glasses and a wide brim hat. Moreover nutritive sources of vitamin D are beneficial like eggs,cheese and tuna. Consult a doctor before taking supplements .


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