Five of the Most Trendy and Stylish Denim Shorts In Vogue Today


Cutoff denims are the rage in almost season where sexy pair of hot pants makes for comfortable wear at the beach, shopping or even a casual date. Denim shorts like short tops and mini dresses sometimes come off too basic but when you know what type of shorts to wear, then you’re sure to look cool and trendy. Instead of wearing that same usual cut off style, your shorts need to be the topic of conversation and stand out in a crowd. So here’s what I’m talking about when you see the 5 trendy and stylish denim shorts in vogue today.


Zara Striped Denim Shorts

This is one retro look sure to make a statement wherever you go. It’s a perfect retro fit not as seemingly negative as your cut off shorts but short enough to compliment your beautiful legs. The pin striped design gives it a perfect nostalgic touch of the 70s yet its pattern and shaded are sophisticated and look best when paired with a sleeveless top.


Samantha Pleet Spectrum Shorts

Perfect for a warm weather with an inspiring retro but very chic finish, the shorts have a fitted waistband and dual front pockets. The piping detail on the sides makes it look elegant and sporty. The comfort level is perfect with a side zipper and button closure. Made form cotton, these are perfect of a summer’s day.


Nasty Gal Cut Off Hem Denim Shorts

Now this is one sexy looking cut off shorts with a hem folded over. One of the most stylish denim shorts in fashion and made from vintage fabric it features reworked silhouettes and made from 501 wash denim. It has a four button closure and 5 pockets to give it that trendy look. The cut off hem is its style quotient and befitting the label of nasty gal.


Moms Jeans High Waist Denim Shorts

Moms jeans is one brand that has been resurrected into the limelight again and rightly so if you look at this high waist denim shorts that look sleek and suave. These bohemian hipster shorts highlighted by a brown belt look good for any occasion. Made from acid wash and 100% cotton, it has a typical 80’s look and sexy too.


Tripp NYC Mixed Denim Shorts

Trip NYC’s mixed stylish denim shorts are a new trend from the casual denim shorts. The contrasting styles form the patchwork pockets made form denim dyes are high waisted stretch shorts perfect for rocking and running. The comfort level is good as the material is made from a combo of spandex and cotton. Ideal for your disco or beachwear.

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