Five Important Ways How Prebiotics and Probiotics Improve and Influence Healthy Radiant Skin


You must have definitely heard about the benefits of pre and probiotics and how they impact your health. But did you know that the route to radiant and dazzling skin is a healthy gut and the best way to achieve that is to ensure a good source of pre and probiotics. Here are 5 reasons why prebiotics and probiotics cause radiant skin.

5Improved Gut Health causes Radiant Skin

Moisturizers and a variety of beauty products address your beauty issues on your skin surface only. Once they are washed off you are left with your natural skin. Is it glowing or is it lackluster and dull. The only way to acquire healthy radiant skin is through an improved digestive system and gut health which provides you 70% of your immunity because the gut is where metabolism of substances ingested in your body takes place. Fermented foods are beneficial for the gut as they provide you with various probiotics good for your gut and entire system. This causes healthy skin. Prebiotics also prevent acne

4Why the need for Prebiotics & Probiotics

The reason why probiotics and perebiotics are needed is to counteract the innumerous bad bacteria ingested into your system form the wrong type of diet. Probiotics and prebiotics are good bacteria that help eliminate the bad ones thus keeping your immune system and gut healthy and free form inflammation and infection. This in turn ensure proper skin health as bad bacteria and gut infection is one of the biggest reasons for skin ageing faster

3Topical prebiotics and probiotics are better than synthetic ones

Although probiotic and prebiotic pills are available in the market these tend to be of the synthetic type and not always beneficial for your system. Natural topical pre and probiotics such as sauerkraut, Greek Yoghurt, Kimchi, help improve and hydrate your skin where the abundance of lactobacillus strengthens skin immunity and health.

2Heed the symptoms of unhealthy gut

The biggest warning sign that you have an unhealthy gut is lack luster and lifeless skin. Your skin features sagging, acne, and loses essential elastic and collagen responsible for elasticity and firmness. moreover you will have poor skin tone.

1Ensure you eat a proper diet

Pro and prebiotics prevent acne. If your gut is clean and healthy, you can even say good riddance to blemishes and acne. For a healthy digestive system ensure you get a god dose of nutrients by way of green vegetables, fruits. Moreover look for organic pesticide free food, unprocessed natural foods and wholesome cereals. Lacto fermented foods are also extremely beneficial for being a rich source of good bacteria which can detoxify your body. These are the best ways prebiotics and probiotics cause radiant skin and keep your skin fresh healthy and glowing.

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