Five Great Summer Design Ideas To Decorate Your Pool


Owning a pool also means organizing great wet pool parties in summer. Thus you need to spruce up your pool with some cool attractive summer pool designs that would be the envy of your guests. Here are some great tips to decorate your swimming pool in summer, which would make every pool party a success.

Have a unique Theme pool

Have a unique Theme – A theme could match your style and personality. Quirky or elegant, keep a color code in mind and stick with it. It could be mythical Atlantis or crazy Disneyland inspired fountains, but the accessories and sets should match up to the same idea to make an impact. Inflatable mermaids, water toys and inspired diving lofts and ladders can be added attractions.

Check on backyard sales for the Pool patio decorations such as inflatables, ducky’s for kids, sunbathing recliners chairs and pool side cushion chairs. You can increase the luxury factor by installing little mahogany wooden corner tables which could double up as towel storage as well as neat drinks stands. Wooden foot wear racks gives your pool a beach look, so add them on.
Lightings pool
Lightings – With late night parties, crazy lightings fixtures, both underwater and outsides can breathe life into the night atmosphere of your party. When you decide a color theme you can match it with citronella candles and warm glowing lamps as a finishing touch.
pool Greenery
Add Greenery – Potted Baby palms trees along the Pool patch would make it extremely attractive. Japanese Zen Garden inspired pool plants and flowers can add an exotic flavor to your pool garden. Such plants are easy maintenance and blend with the aquatic ambience.
pool patio decorations
Spruce up with Flowers and Feathers – With the help of any local hardware shop you can get a terracotta water basin planted in a sunny corner of your pool or a huge ceramic shallow bowl. Fill them up with potpourri featuring added colors o the pool side. A small fish tank or aquariums and birds stands can provide a nice attractive touch to the pool.

With these cool summer pool designs for pool patio decorations you won’t be burning a big hole in your pocket. All you require is careful planning and smart ideas where you can convert your backyard pool area into your private haven for fun.

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