Five Exceptionally Hot Styles of Dress Combos with Chuck Taylors


At girls stuff we always bring you the latest trends and styles with the brightest ideas on combinations that could kill and dazzle. Chuck Taylors are great to wear and look good on every teenage girl. The versatile converse can blend with any cool outfit for college, for a date or even a romp at the beach if you don’t intend getting your feet wet. Here are 5 cute styles for dress combos with chuck Taylors converse all stars.

5Sweater and Blue Jeans and converse

Any gal would look simply stunning in jeans and loose sweater especially if paired with a hot pair of all matching all stars. This look is perfect for college or for a casual date because not only does to suit everybody its extremely comfortable too.

4Converse with Peplum Tops and White Tights

This gal with her peplum top looks absolutely classy with white converse chuck Taylors. Her hair color also matches the combo where she oozes style. Not wearing any jewelry or accessories adds an aesthetic effect to the entire ensemble. Her red top dazzles in the pic.

3Hot Denim Shorts with White Shirt and converse

Is there any other style to match this in summer where a hot denim shorts can be downright sexy on any pair of legs. The best summer style for any dress combo with chuck Taylors Colored low chucks are perfect for this get up and so is the matching white cotton shirt which looks extremely cool and comfortable. Hot denim shorts can never go out of style and pair up with any top or shirt.

2Floral Summer Dress with Converse

If you thought dresses don’t go with converse shoes then think again, this gives any gal a perfect contemporary look with the summer floral dress and a pair of lively colored chuck Taylors. Don’t forget to get a good color especially if you’re wearing a black dress with it.

1Short skirt with spaghetti, jacket and Chuck Taylors

Now this is by far the best and most conventional style with a blue short skirt, a neat denim jacket a short top and a neat pair of converse to add up to the effect. Summer short skirts are always trending and the best part is you can wear the in any season along with your converse shoes. This makes a big hit as part of any dress combo with chuck Taylors.


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