7 essential oils for beauty to transform your looks in 7 days

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essential oils for beauty

Although there are several essential oils good for skin, some stand out for their exclusive health properties for skin and hair. While you can use this information of oils for good skin on a daily basis, using these oils will help you transform your looks within one week and that will help you if you have to attend a special occasion or go on vacation and need beautify yourself fast. Here are 7 essential oils for beauty and health in 7 days.

What is essential oils for beauty?


Sesame oil whitens teeth

Use sesame oil for seven days as an oil pulling ingredient and you will notice a difference.. Your teeth will become whiter and your oral health such as breath odor will improve. Sesame oil contains several vital ingredients like polyvitamin acids which benefit oral health.


Hibiscus oil improves hair strength and growth

As an essential oil for beauty, Hibiscus oil is full of vitamin c that produces collagen necessary for strong hair, healthy skin and nails. It contains amino acids that nourish the hair roots and also stimulates hair bulbs for quicker growth. Using it regularly will give you extra bounce, volume and shine.


Castor oil thickens eyebrows

Castor oil improves lush eyebrows because it increases metabolism and is full of healthy benefits for hair and skin. Castor oil improves the metabolic process and contains lineolic acid and stearic acid which prevents moisture loss from hair and protects it from the sun.


Flaxseed oil helps in detoxification

Flaxseed oil has been used for centuries as an essential oil for beauty and lovely skin. Flaxseed oil contains potassium, vitamins and fatty acids that is necessary for overall health and beauty. Consume flaxseed oil for just 7 days to detoxify our body to get a healthier and more glowing radiant skin.


Tea tree oil heals acne

As a good anti-inflammatory and anti fungal oil, tea tree oil is excellent for acne treatment. It cures your acne within a short period. Tea Tree oil with its anti bacterial properties also cures various skin problems like eczema and heals wounds. It is one of the best natural ingredients for acne.


Olive Oil for softer and smooth feet and cracked heels

Applying olive oil on your feet and heels will soften them in no time. Olive oil contains monosaturated fatty acids good for health. It improves hair, skin and nails and reduces cholesterol in the body. Olive oil also improves the health of liver and stomach. You can use olive oil to cook food as it benefits cardiovascular health.


Almond oil improves nails and cuticles

Almond oil improves nail health and improves nail cuticles. Being full of vitamin E , almond oil is necessary for health of skin, hair and nails. The essential oil for beauty can be used in a facial mask along with other ingredients. You can use almond oil for hair massage is excellent to give it more growth and shine. You can use almond oil in various serums and hair conditioners. As an anti fungal agent, almond oil can also help treat minor skin infections and help in acne treatment.


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