Eliminate Toxins Form Your Home with Natural Plant Purifiers


The best air purifiers are not the spray canisters with synthetic perfumes but natural plant purifiers in the shape of some really non toxic healthy plants that not only add a great scent to your home but also can come in handy for health purposes too.

The great thing about natural indoor plants being used as air purifiers is the fact that they also eliminate toxins from the air. Here are 6 natural plant purifiers that can be used as ornamentation too.

1 Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most versatile of natural indoor plants on the planet. Not only does it make an effective remedy in several skin conditions it is a lovely ornamental piece and purifies indoor air too. Nature’s famous healer rids the air of formaldehyde a dangerous toxin. Keep your aloe plant by a window and use soil that is drained out well.

2 English ivy

English Ivy is a sort of creeper or climber and is an evergreen plant that can be cultivated in variety of methods; it purifies the air of benzene and toluene. The plant uses moist drained soil and requires a sunny or shady area to grow.

3 Spider plant

The spider plant is one of the easiest plants to keep as it doesn’t require to demanding methods of cultivation or maintenance. It features striped foliage and leaves and grows in moist shade. Its best kept in hanging baskets and eliminates toxins like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide from the air.

4 Snake plant

The snake plant is an interesting elongated shaped plant with long snaky leaves. It generally flowers as an indoors plant so you won’t have problems keeping it. In requires indirect sunlight to grow. Snake plant removes the poisonous toluene from the atmosphere.

5 Peace lily

The prettiest plant to keep indoors as natural plant purifiers is the peace lily which is an indoor blooming plant with leathery sort of leaves. Peace lily requires moderate or high humidity in the atmosphere to thrive and grows in filtered light. The peace lily removes toxins such as benzene, trichloethylene and other common poisons found in indoor atmosphere.

6 Boston Fern

Boston fern is distinguished by its arching characteristic and looks great in hanging baskets. It is an evergreen plant that requires rich soil to grow. It improves air circulation of a home and is one of the best plants to rid the air of formaldehyde

Additional ways to keep your home free of pollutants and poisons.

There are various ways you can rid your home from toxins such as spring cleaning regularly. Vacuuming and dusting almost every day. Carpets need to be demoulded and cleant every alternate day and placed in the sun if possible. Mould is a big culprit in harboring germs and various toxins. In cold temperatures carpets should be sunned at least once a week or even cleaned out thoroughly. Your chimney is one of the most dangerous places to harbor toxins so get your chimney cleaned at frequent intervals.

Always ensure a perfect humidity level in your home. In summer make sure your air-conditioning vents and filters are cleaned of accumulated dust or else you’ll be breathing allergens instead.

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