Detoxify Your Home By Eliminate These Seven Materials Bad for Your Health

Detoxify Your Home By Eliminate

If you suddenly find most of your family members and yourself falling sick, that’s because there is undoubtedly something wrong with your home. In this case, such problems need to be identified and eliminated. Here are 7 materials present in every house which are bad for health. Preventing such problems will effectively detoxify your home.


Mold has a tendency to thrive in damp areas filled with moisture. Wet or damp carpets and wooden paneling especially attract mold. If you breathe the spores, you could either false sick or catch a severe allergic cold. To prevent mold always make sure your entire home is dry. Place carpets and drapes in the sun to dry. If at all the problem is server call in professional cleaners to tackle the problem. Ensure your home has proper ventilation in all rooms especially the kitchen.

2Harsh Chemicals in Cleaners

When purchasing cleaners, understand what you buy. Cleaners with harsh chemicals such as ammonia or chlorine can actually make your family members seriously ill when inhaled. Chemicals in cleaners can also lead to skin irritation and allergies. When cleaning your home, ensure proper ventilation or simply use natural cleaners.

3Germs on Faucets

This is a very common problem faced by many households. When family members use faucets with dirty hands, they simply pass on germs to others. Always make it an issue to instruct all family members to wash hands or the faucet after use to avoid the spread of germs all over the house.

4Vinyl Shower Curtains

Such material can actually be bad for reproductive health. Vinyl curtains contain a substance called phthalates which have a negative effect on the male and female fertility. It would be better to use nylon or polyester shower curtains.

5Chlorine In Your Drinking Water Supply

Have you checked your tap water for its chlorine content? If chlorine levels in your tap water are high, then it’s not safe for drinking. Excess consumption of chlorine through tap water can lead to problems like asthma, fatigue, bronchitis, breast cancer and several health problems. The only way to prevent such a problem is to install a good water filter in your home. Checking chlorine content is one way to detoxify your home from harmful substances.

6Lead Paint on Walls

Older homes tend to have walls painted with lead paint and that can be detrimental to your health in many ways. In order to be sure of the substance on your walls, put it through a lead test to find out. Lead on walls can lead to diseases such as severe disabilities, seizures, stroke and death.

7Pillows and Mattresses

These are the main target of allergens such as dust mites. If your pillow cases, bed sheets aren’t changed regularly or if your mattresses aren’t dusted or sunned out, then dust mites and allergens will thrive in a large way in such areas. This can result in bites, and conditions such as allergies, rhinitis, hay fever and even skin rash. Change your bed linen regularly. Wash pillows and air out your mattresses in the sun if possible.

Observing these methods will no doubt detoxify your home from all the negative substances thriving there thus ensuring the good health of you and your family.

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