The Top 6 Most Captivating and Best Perfumes Of 2017

Best perfumes of 2017 image
Best perfumes of 2017

Perfumes and fragrances are a ladies best friend. From fresh citrus florals to the season’s latest fragrances, here are 6 of the best spring fragrances of this year 2017. There are several brands of perfumes and fragrances available but not all are appealing to everybody. The best perfumes 2017 are those with a universal appeal for every woman. In this list of top 6 fragrances, one can find the most suitable perfumes for ever occasion.

Best Perfumes 2017

Miu Miu L’eau Bleue

1Miu Miu L’eau Bleue, $118

Miu Miu can well be said to have the best perfume bottle of spring. The L’eau Bleue is a fresh and pretty successor to the brand major’s earlier two fragrances launched in 2015 and 2016. L’eau Bleu comes with a romantic lily of the valley feel which is light and pleasant on the senses and perfect for any day. L’eau Bleu is available for $118 for 30ml.

Jo Malone London Garden lilies cologne

2Jo Malone London Garden lilies cologne $70

Jo Malone London’s new fragrance collection oozes a bohemian spirit and is inspired by an intellectual which is why it has been named the Bloomsbury set. The garden lilies fragrance is the best of the lot reflective of perfect spring atmosphere. There is also the distinct ylang ylang, white musk and vanilla. The scent is regarded as one the best perfumes 2017.

Guerlain’s Mon Guerlain, Eau de parfum

3Guerlain’s Mon Guerlain, Eau de parfum , $88

Among one of the best spring fragrances promoted by an ad campaign featuring Angelina Jolie, Mon Guerlain is a woody aroma scented with jasmine, lavender, sandalwood and vanilla. It is designed to reflect the scent of a woman and is heaven to the olfactory senses.

Hermes Eau des Merveilles Bleue

4Hermes Eau des Merveilles Bleue, $146

Created by Christine Nagel, the sophisticated scent of Eau des Merveilles Bleue is compared to water washing over pebbles. The fragrances in a blue tinted galss bottle are lingering and fresh. It is a beautiful combination of patchouli, woody notes and sea notes. Perhaps one of the most delightful spring fragrances for this year.

Giorgio Armani Si Rose signature eau de parfum

5Giorgio Armani Si Rose signature eau de parfum $140

Giorgio Armani’s Si Rose signature is like a love letter with a rose. With top scents of iris, freesia and black currant along with base fragrances of musk and vanilla, this is definitely is one of the most preferred fragrances of spring.

Byredo Bibliotheque Eau de Parfum

6Byredo Bibliothèque Eau de Parfum, $255

Byerdo fans will all be very familiar with the typical signature parfum Bibliotheque candle that brings out the feelings of a library. As one of the most popular perfumes of spring, bibliotheque has a nice soft blend of peach, plum patchouli leather and vanilla.


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