The Beneficial Uses of a Pumice Stone

Uses of a Pumice Stone

Pumice stones are formed by the solidification of porous volcanic rock. It is formed by the process of pressurizing lava while simultaneously cooling it rapidly, thereby forming bubbles that get frozen within the matrix to make the stone porous. However, this stone has variety of uses since it is porous and lightweight in nature. Its chief use is that of a smoothing tool while it is made available in various shapes and sizes and sometimes with handles attached. Here are the benefits of a pumice stone

1Manicure and Pedicure

It is used for manicures and pedicures as it effectively removes dead skin and loosens cuticles. Given its nature, it smoothens the skin on the hands and can rejuvenate the skin under the feet by curing its dryness and cracks. It can also remove calluses and corns.


Beauty salons often use pumice stones to exfoliate the skin, since its rough texture removes the dead skin & debris layer by scraping it off. In doing the skin’s complexion is brightened and texture becomes smooth. If you are using a stone at home for exfoliation of your skin then remember to always use a smooth stone meant for cosmetic usage. This is because some stone can be harsher on the skin as they can be harder and rougher in texture. They are also used a lot, in cosmetic cleansers and creams (mainly crushed) as gentler exfoliating agents for more sensitive skin.


When used to scrub toilets daily it will definitely remove rust stains and other residue that ruin the toilets appearance. Even the rings around the toilet soon disappear.

4Hair Removal

Hair removal by pumice stone has been an aged old tradition of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Since then it has been widely used to for removing hair along with dead skin cells.

Other benefits of a pumice stone are:

  • Stone-washing jeans
  • As mild abrasives in certain toothpastes
  • In erasers, polishes, scrubs and heavy-duty hand cleaners

How to Clean the Pumice Stone?

Although the benefits of a pumice stone are many, you need to clean it too. Its porous surface gets clogged by residue, impurities and debris. If nothing is done to unclog the stone’s pores the stone will gradually become ineffective. To clean the stone and unclog it just swish it around in soapy water and rinse it out with a lot of clean water. Scrub it lightly with a brush while rinsing, to take out all the unwanted residue sticking within its inner layers. Another way to clean it is by boiling it in water along with some bleaching powder.

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