7 Great Dress Styles in Summer


Summertime may be hot but it’s the best time to show off those sexy outfits of yours. It’s the only season where you get to wear less and show off a great pair of legs with miniskirts, floral summer dresses and of course short rompers and hot pants.

We all know that the best outfit to relax in summer is a bikini but you can’t really wear a bikini throughout the day can you. The great thing about summer is the choice of cute and comfortable clothing that you can make several combo ideas with.

Here are 7 cool styles that will make you look stylish sexy and cool. The five cool dress styles in summer

1White Shorts and Top 

White is the favorite color of summer not only is it chic and stylish it’s a cool color too. There is something with white that is imply irresistible and can make you look gorgeous. Have you ever wondered how white really hits it off in summer and you can’t really do the same in winter?

2White T-Shirt + Pink Neon Skirt

A Pink neon skirt will actually complement a simple short white T shirt and make you look ever so cool. Yu could also go with other neutral neon colors like peach or even ivory. What’s even great is the fact of you has a tan and that’s going to make his outfit really dazzle on you. The perfect highlighter to this outfit is some tribal jewelry.  Desist from wearing heavy traditional gold chains and bracelets, choose a funky bracelet instead that matches the skirt.

3Lace Romper + Matching Accessories

Lace rompers are definitely in this summer. Lace is a great fabric to kill summer heat as it allows you ventilation. Matching your lace romper with accessories such as a small but long strapped blue purse or various accessories will hit top spot. The best touch to a romper is matching sandals and belt.

4Lace Shorts + Denim Shirt

The most versatile thing about denim is that it’s great for all seasons. Wearing a short denim shirt tied at midriff can really make any gal look sexy. Pairing a denim top with lace shorts can make an incredible combination wearable to any event. Wear some brightly colored bracelets to highlight abit of color in the ensemble.

5Mini Floral Summer Dress

The perfect summer wear among dress styles in summer is the summer party frock or summer dress which can be made for much light printed fabric. The basic idea is to look cool and exquisite and pretty that’s why its meant to be a pretty summer dress.

6Denim Hot Pants with Green Cotton Shirt

Now this is the coolest look in summer where shredded hot pants made form denim are enough to give you that long leggy look and features a comfort quotient. A full sleeve cotton green or khaki colored shirt oozes style and it’s a complete look for any occasion. Top of the style with some cute accessories like matching long strapped mini bag and cool slippers.

7Blue and White Floral Print Mini Skirt with White Spaghetti Top

Now this outfit is going to really make you look sexy where the blue printed floral skirt is enough to highlight those lovely tanned irresistible thighs of yours. What really compliments this entire lok is the simple white spaghetti strap top which allows the skirt to shine.

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