6 best shoe styles to match your miniskirt


Miniskirts are preferred by most woman of today. Along with it you need to have trending shoes so that you appear fashionable. There are many types of women’s shoe styles that are trending in the market now. Designers are always bringing in something new and creative so that you can flaunt off your beautiful feet. You can now avail a variety of shoe styles when you want to pair it with your sexy miniskirt.

1Block Heels

Block shaped heels make you comfortable enough to walk. If you are not comfortable with pencil heels then you can wear shoes having block heels. Not only does it make you appear stylish but also voguish. You can check whether the shoe is comfortable enough to walk for you or not.

2Ankle Boots

This is one of the best shoe styles that is spreading like a wildfire among the woman. Youngsters starting from teenage till the age of 30 are mainly opting for it. A funky and an adorable look is granted to a girl whenever she puts her ankle boots on. Teenage girls on putting it on receives a sporty look which they love to flaunt off.

3Flat lace up sandals

Your usual sandals can now have a lacy look. If you prefer wearing sandals rather than shoes with heels then stylish lacy ones are the best that you can purchase for yourself. It makes you appear chic and at the same time your feet gets a rest. Laces are a new form of design that designers have bought in as a new form of fashion statement.

4High heel boots

High heel boots street style

Among different types of women’s shoe styles high heel boots are much in demand now. If you want a zip on your boots along with belts as a form of decoration then you can purchase it from the market. These kind of boots are manufactured out of pure leather at times and mostly out of faux leather. You are bound to catch everyone’s eyes on road as well as in the place that you are visiting. These kind of shoes has an awe struck appearance. So get hold of one right now to stay in trend.

5Kitten heels

Kitten heels street style

The get up of these shoes vary from one model to another. The heels in these type of a shoe has kitten heels. The heels are small in size. Different forms of modern designs are blended together to form a variety of models with kitten heels. Sometimes the shoes are so designed that it appears to be a ballerina. The front of these heels if covered sometimes will give your feet a trendy appearance.


Sneakers street style


Sneakers are an all-time favourite and are always in style. It not only make your feet comfortable but also helps you to stay in fashion. When you pair your sneakers with miniskirts then you are bound to appear smart and cool. If you are on your way to college or going for a shopping with your friends then you can easily wear these shoes so as to stay in fashion. At the same time it also keeps your feet comfortable. This is a form of fashion which is never going to be outdated.

The above mentioned shoe styles are in fashion now. If you want to pair it with your miniskirt then you can select one according to your comfort and need.

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