5 ways to look great this summer

look great in summer

So you think you don’t look great in summer? Here are some awesome tips applying which you can look really great and fascinating even in this warm season. Due to heat, warmth and humidity your skin gets tanned and makes you look horrible. All that is past now. Now you can use the below mentioned ways to look pretty for summer.
Tips to appear awesome

5Beautiful ocean eyes

Make your eyes appear like the oceans with the help of blue kohl or liner. You can line the upper outer lids and the bottom line of your eyes. This attractive look is eye catching during summer and makes you appear gleaming and sexy.

4Colour your lips

You can make your lips appear sexy with the help of a lip balm or a lip gloss. You have to fill in your lips with lip fillers and then apply gloss. Using transparent ones will make your lips appear sexier. Coloured ones can also be used. If your lips have a tendency to dry up in air conditioners then hydrating lip balms should be the right choice for you.

3Apply mascara

Look great in summer with mascara on your eye lashes. You can make your eyelash catch everyone’s attention when you wear a long lasting smudge proof mascara. The mascara helps your lashes appear larger and also makes your eyes look bigger.

2Make some beach waves on your hair

Another prefect way to look pretty for summer is by making waves on your hair. This can be done by using curlers. Before making these waves you have to spray some amount of heat protectant sprays on your hair. This protects your hair from the high amount of heat emitted by your curler. Shea butter and coconut oil can help you define your curls. A perfect look for summer which can make you appear hot and sensuous.

1Make your cheeks pink

You can grab the two in one product that consists of a bronzer and a blush. Various make up companies have bought out such products for the summers. A creamy product will suit you. Make your cheeks pink with the help of a blusher. After that you can apply the bronzer to define your cheekbones. Forehead, nose and chin will get a radiant and a defined appearance. Blend both the blush and the bronzer nicely to get a high defined appearance.

Look great in summer with the above mentioned ways. You are bound to gain appreciations from the people around you if you follow these simple make up tips in summer.

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