5 Tips for Healthy Skin in summer


Summer can be extremely harsh on skin, especially if you absolutely have to go out during the day time. In summer it is not easy to maintain healthy skin. The skin is drained of its moisture and in some cases oily skin tends to get even oilier as a result of perspiration due to the heat. So, here are five tips for healthy skin in summer:

1Drink ample amounts of water

Since our bodies are composed of nearly 70% of water, when we begin to sweat because of the heat, most of the water will be lost from our skin. Thus, make sure you keep your body sufficiently hydrated by drinking enough water. If your skin loses too much water it will soon get wrinkled and dull with pores appearing more prominent than before. This way your skin’s depleted water reserves are replenished and it is kept well hydrated all day long.

2Shower with cold water

There is no reason to shower with hot water in summer unless you feel like burning your skin. Furthermore hot water will dry your skin to the extent of inducing its pores to secrete excessive oil, thereby resulting in oily skin. Therefore showering with cold water after a sweaty day out will prevent pore blockage and excessive oil secretion.

3Use SPF Sunscreens and Lotions

SPF sunscreens are highly recommended to be used as protection from the blistering summer heat. The sun rays can drastically affect your skin causing wrinkles and problems as severe as skin cancer. Experts solution state that sunscreens with nothing less than 30 SPF should be applied on the skin. Also, apply a substantial amount, as too little will not provide the necessary protection the skin needs.

4Exfoliate the Skin Regularly

Make a habit out of exfoliating your skin regularly to remove the stale sunscreens and lotions. Use a sugar scrub in the shower and any face wash with exfoliating properties on your face and neck. Afterwards, apply an SPF moisturizer on the skin to keep it moisturized and protected.

5Stock up on Moisturizers

In the heat of summer it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start keeping one or two good moisturizers to keep your skin moist and hydrated. 3 in 1 moisturizers containing all moisturizing, SPF and sunscreen properties are the ones you should go for. Abiding by these amazing tips you can be sure of healthy skin in summer.

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