5 Tips Guaranteed To Help You Prevent Hair Damage While Swimming

prevent hair damage while swimming

Summer always means you’re going to be spending more time at the pool. But while cooling off at the pool seems the best way to relax and enjoy with friends, it can also play havoc with your hair. Even more so when you’re swimming in a public pool which contains harsh chemicals like chlorine. Even if it’s your own pool at home chemicals will be present and you can’t avoid them as these need to be present in your pool. Moreover sun exposure is another factor that causes damaged hair.

The biggest problem with pools is that they cause some pretty harsh damage to hair especially if it’s colored hair. Here are 5 tips to prevent hair damage while swimming at a pool.

1Apply Hair Products with UV Filters

The best way to prevent loss of moisture and color fading because of high sun exposure is to get a salon treatment done on your hair. Alternately you could also purchase and apply your own hair products which contain a good UVA and UVB protection factors against damage from sun exposure. Apply the lotion just before you enter the pool.

2Coconut Oil Is A Good Natural Pre Swim Treatment

There are several good pre swim hair treatments available such as Phyto Plage protective sun veil. Better still you could also use a silicone based treatment. If you prefer natural treatments then the best oil suited for hair is coconut oil. It has several hair improvement properties as well as contains vitamins such as Vitamin E essential for hair growth.

3Ensure You Shower before Hitting the Pool

Showering before hitting the pool is essential not because of only the hygienic factor but because once you hair is already wet, the chemical damage on your hair is greatly minimized.

4Use a Bathing Cap

The best way to protect your hair is to wear a bathing cap. If you’re at a public pool you can also wear a fancy Olympic silicone cap which is trendy and fashionable too. Always try and keep your head above the water as much as possible.

5Apply Post Swim Treatments

When you’re done swimming or finished with your pool time, take a shower immediately after getting out of the pool. This will drain out the harsh chemicals and pool water from your hair. Thus helping you prevent hair damage while swimming. Use a good treatment shampoo to get rid of chlorine or better still use a hair mask on your hair. This will help restore the moisture loss from your hair and prevent splitting and subsequent damage.

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