5 things to keep in mind when having sex on the beach

when having sex on the beach

Need an interesting place to have sex with your partner? Then try out with sex on the beach. In many countries this kind of an activity in public openly is punishable by the law. Activities such as this are mainly accepted in the Western countries where people are liberal. Do not conduct any such activity where it is not allowed and you might get caught by the police. Certain important points should be kept in mind while having beach sex.

1Do not forget a mat

Never forget to carry a mat along with your other things. This is the basic necessity for carrying forward your plan. If by any chance if you forget to carry a piece of cloth then you can get hold of a newspaper and get started with your sensuous plan. Do not try out anything on bare grounds as that might lead to infections.

2Get hold of a towel or a blanket

While packing your bags you should not forget to put a towel or a blanket in your back pack. To avoid sand from hitting your sensitive areas you should carry this so that it can cover you up in the times of need. Also it can act as a device for support during the whole act.

3Store enough water in your backpack

While having sex on the beach sand might creep in your sensitive areas. That leads to discomfort and infections. Staying in salty water for a long time also causes you to stink. It is a good idea to carry water along with you so that you can wash your private areas after you are done with your act.

4Getting hold of a cloistered area on beach

You should try and hunt for a hidden area. This enables you to have some erotic and sensuous moments with your partner. Try to get hold of a place where winds do not blow much. Beach sex in itself is a very exciting thought. But to have a gala time with your partner you should try and find out a spot which is far away from the eyes of the audience.

5Wise choice of a location

When you have already decided to experience sex on the beach then you should select your place of conducting the act wisely. It is a common sense that if you make out too close to the sea then you are bound to get hit by the tides. High tides of the sea can even sweep you off. So before taking decisions about location think twice.

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