5 Summer Styles, Your Perfect Way of Dressing for the Beach

Dressing for the Beach

How do you reinvent your summer wardrobe, you simply dress according to your own personality and style? Taking a cue from these five snapshots of colorful clothes and the personalities wearing them, you’re sure to dress in the perfect gear and look trendy both at parties and at the beach. Your age too counts but that doesn’t mean you need to inhibit yourself as these styles will tell you


The sexy playsuit for parents

One sexy parent who lives wearing playsuits is Victoria Beckham who looks cool and hot in her playsuit and that’s what you should be wearing one too, so what if you’re a mom, there’s no reason not to look beautiful and dress hot to. A playsuit is ideal for summer wear its cool and flexible too. take a look at Jourdan Dunn show off her white playsuit making her look absolutely stunning.


The tapas kaftans

Rihanna isn’t much of a style icon but in this photo she is wearing great kaftans that can be really cool in summer. Ideal for an older look, this tapas bar kaftans is perfect for those not wanting to put on a display of flesh on the beach. Just stroll around in your cool summer kaftans like a typical Elizabeth Taylor.


Gothic Hawaiian Shirt

If you’re a Goth and don’t rely like the beach unless it features dark and sinister weather, then such clothes are perfect for you. The Hawaiian metal look with a short shirt in black and white dark palm printed patterns won’t even look out of place at a beach and will also reflect your own character.


Wear a Wide Brim Hat

The wide brim hat for beachwear is in. go for a Eugenia Kim because these are hats that look beautiful even from above. The Eugenia Kim range of fedoras are perfect for beachwear and even a summers stroll along the beach too if your aren’t planning to get into the water. Get your own personal message too.


Cartarzi Wide Brim Fedoras

Cartarzi fedoras have gone a step further to include pompoms on the sides. Their straw styled fedoras with wide brims and colored pompom are perfect for that cute girlie look at the beach. Coupled with a summer frock or simple shorts and top beachwear you’ll be making nothing short of a style statement at the beach.

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