5 rocking and stylish braids for summer


A hot summer doesn’t mean tying up your hair in a bun looking all sweaty. Here there is a lot you can do for your hair in summer and trendy braids are one of them. Without further ado here are 5 rocking and stylish braids for summer


The Fishtail

Although it seems abit complicated this is actually easy and cool. A fishtail takes just 3 simple steps. Split your hair in two different sections. Form the right section take a thin strand and simply cross it over so it joins the left. Then repeat with the left strand crossing it over to join the right. And step 3? Just tie the braid off and rough it up a bit.


The Crown Braid

Braiding just got a trendy look with the crown braid and it keeps your head cool too. As stylish braids for summer, the crown braid is good for any event. You need to separate your hair in two pigtails, braid both sections and clasp with clips or elastic. Pull one of the braids all the way over your head and with a bobby pin secure it one inch away from the hairline. Repeat with other braids.


High Bun Braids with Shaved Sides

If you really want to make a fashion statement which speaks afro and chic, and then go for the high bun braid, you could see how you look without shaving your sides if you’re not up to it, but if you are then you’re going to look a real cool gal.


The Loose Style Side Braid

Braiding hair isn’t all that easy if you have no patience. If you’re a working woman and have no time for braids, here’s a simple braid style that can really rock your summer with a cool fashion statement. The lose stylish braid its perfect for a casual date, a movie or a day at the beach. Just get your hair all to one side and braid it in a lose manner. Allow the braid to fall over your sides or shoulders.


Bohemian Glamour Braid

This is awesome as a braid not only to make you look glamorous but cool too. The bohemian glamour doll braid is top spot for any occasion in summer and is perhaps the best among rocking stylish braids for summer. Touch up your bohemian braid with some dry shampoo and when you braid don’t forget to use styling pomade.

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