5 Reasons your curls are not holding

5 Reasons your curls

There is nothing frustrating than spending the whole of early morning in curling irons and clips only to catch a lock of stubborn straight hair slipping out of the coiffure meaning the whole hard work would dismantle completely once you step out of your house and step in the open hooded car for the picnic. What a disaster! Here are the reasons why curls don’t hold.

1Weather Works Against us

When it comes to fashion and especially skin and hair do, it’s always an uphill fight against the forces of nature. The sooner we understand it its easier for us to arm us more effectively against the elements. Humidity is the biggest enemy for hair curls. In order to combat the humidity induces frizz is to arm ourselves with frizz control sprays and anti-humectants serums.

2Wrong hair tools

Blame it on TV commercials, almost all the products looks smarter, lighter and better than the previous ones. So we always end up with curlers which are harsher on our manes. If the beach waves just does not stick to your natural look you can get a smaller curler and also a textured wand will help you get the look for a longer time.

3Hurry is a recipe for hair disaster

One more reason why curls don’t hold is patience. Patience goes a long way. Most of the times we are in hurry to leave for work or a party and we treat our hair callously which damages them and never gives the desired look. One must give time to section off hair and start off with the smaller hair chunks and curl them first properly before jumping on to the front long tresses. Pin the curled tresses before you start off with lower level hair

4Lazy girls top knots

In order to keep the curls for a few days, master the art of top knots before sleeping which would not affect the curls. Rule number one DONOT use elastic girl! It breaks the hair as nothing other does. Get soft hair bands. Tie the knot right on the top of the head which would be makes it safer.

5Heat styling is not the only way

Heat styling isn’t always an option. If your hair is pin thin and straight try out air drying after shower or overnight roll on clips which is harmless, takes time and remains curled for much longer time. Grandma’s tricks like braiding your hair or tying in buns also gives its natural bounce the morning after …finally, rolling your hair in cloth or a towel for few hours can give it a beautiful out of the bed curls which does not loosen up easily.
Stop misusing the hair products…Period! Use a hair protectorate before any heating agents is used on the surface; it would protect the cuticles and mane from singing and burning.
Dry shampoo is not just for emergencies but can be used for thick hair even if they are clean when curls don’t hold from the roots. Oils are best for mid shaft shining but resist the urge to shine it up all along the slick end of the curls

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