5 Pilates Work Out Moves Which Actually Reduces Fat!

5 Pilates Work Out

Historically, Pilates to reduce fat have been a butt of jokes in many social circuits as well as fitness circles because of its complete failure in reducing weight as against the tall claims it made in 1980 and famous Hollywood celebrity endorsement it received… read Goldie Hawn in her tight leotards. Then comes the new fad of power walking and power spinning classes which contributed to the growth of stand up comedians like Sue Perkins, but no health buffs.
Fast forward to 2017 Erica Rae Defrates a magic instructor in Los Angeles believes in rigorous Pilates exercises concentrating in specific moves which give best results. Here are the 5 moves which would bust all our old notions regarding the Pilates as we know it.

Plank to Pike

Come to plank position with your elbows and knees and squeeze in your inner thighs, lutes and inner and lower abs. exhale slowly and lift the lower abs towards the hands and slowly towards the plank. Remember to keep the feet glued while you bring it closer to inner thighs, glutens and abs. also shoulder back cannot be ignored ,rather they have to be, upright straight and shoulder blades pushed away. You can do this asanas for 4 minutes in the beginning and gradually increase the time.

The Bear move

Yes you heard it right. Begin with the same plank position, but instead of picking up the hips up here you pull your knees towards your chest. Keep shoulders pulled down as well for the count of 4 seconds and gradually start releasing it. Repeat it with the other leg. Every time you loosen your legs, contractions in your abdomen releases as well this works miracles for flexibility as well as appetite.

Dancing bear

Among Pilates to reduce fat, the natural progression from the last position. Start with the same position, but instead of pulling the knees, twist hips to bring in the right knee towards the left elbow for a count of 4, and then push the feet back to the starting position and do a push up. Repeat on the other side. Be sure to keep the hips at the shoulder levels say Defrates. Also keep squeezing the knees and keep the upper body squared to the front wall, which will ensure that all the back muscles are being activated rarely and simultaneously. This moves really hits the oblique’s while toning the muscle in lower back and upper body.

Teaser Pike

Come to the plank position on hands and feet. Cross right foot over the left, then slowly pivot the left toes towards left wall so that you on the side of both feet. Keep shoulders squared on the front as you slowly raise your hips and drag feet towards pike position. Push feet back to the starting position. Repeat this exercise for 4 minutes on both the sides. It’s crucial to squeeze your inner thighs.


Come to the lower squat, be sure the knees are in line with ankles and there is a slight arch in lower back. Then pull back in the starting position using inner thighs. Defrates says if you do not need a chair, take both ends of your towels and held it overheard. Try to pull both the ends towels tightly. These will activate your upper body. Repeat the exercise on both the sides for 5 minutes each everyday for miraculous effects perform these pilates to reduce fat and you won’t go wrong.

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