5 Metabolism Boosting Foods for weight loss and general health

5 Metabolism Boosting Foods

Metabolism refers to the chemical activities taking place within the cells of your body, which provides energy to the body by converting the food we consume. Metabolism is a constant and continuous process that functions to supply energy to the body, even while sleeping, to support the necessary functions of respiration and blood circulation. Similarly energy is constantly being used up by the body for each and every activity occurring within the body’s system and the physical activities the body performs.

Metabolism can be increased by a number of ways, the best being strength training to promote muscle growth. An increase in muscle tissue results in more calories being burnt while the body is in a state of rest. Thus this spikes metabolism rates, burning significant amounts of calories all through the day. Here are 5 foods to boost metabolism for weight loss and health.


Water is essential substance that is always required by the body. It processes the food consumed and plays an important role in the metabolic conversion of calories to energy. Thus, the body needs to stay sufficiently hydrated at all times to maintain and increase the speed of the process.


This compound is strongly found in coffee with small proportions of it found in tea. It stimulates the metabolic process, thereby increasing the amount of calories being burnt by the body. However, an overdose of caffeine may cause problems for some people like high blood pressure, inability to sleep, and heartburn.


This compound is primarily found in peppers are the reason why peppers have a burning-spicy taste. Despite its spiciness, it is a potential metabolism booster as it heats the body’s temperature causing a large amount of calories to be burnt. Any sort of spicy foods involving different kinds of peppers is a great way to consume this.

4Green Tea

Research has proven that green tea for a fact has properties capable of facilitating metabolism. Green tea consists of caffeine and catechins that makes the body use up excess energy, in turn inducing further energy production. It even includes an antioxidant called “Epigallocatechin Gallate or EGCG” that amplifies the amount of calories burned.

5Whole Grains

Whole grains in comparison to other foods take a fairly longer time to get digested, indicating that the metabolic process has to work for a longer periods to convert it into energy. Oats and Barley are rich in fibers, which takes extremely long to digest and keeps your hunger satisfied for a long time.

Aside from theses mentioned foods, be sure to eat enough calories per day to ensure that your body doesn’t decrease the rate of metabolism due to insufficient calories. Metabolism slowing down means that it won’t burn up food fast enough to convert to energy, in turn decreasing energy production. This will even affect your muscles as muscle mass even decreases while weight increases.

Nevertheless these foods can really have a positive impact on your metabolism by increasing it. If you want to increase metabolism even further to burn through more calories to lose weight then exercising along with eating these foods to boost metabolism will be the best option.

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