5 hot sex positions to try out in summer

5 hot sex positions to try out in summer

Sex is something which is done to gain pleasure with your partner. If heat is putting a stop to your sexual activity then you must try out some summer friendly sex positions. On trying out these positions you as well as your partner will stay cool and relaxed. If you find your monotonous relationship is making things unstable between you and your partner on not having satisfied for a long time then it is high time that you try out the summer sex positions.

5Leaning against a wall in a standing posture

This is an exciting posture that you can try out with your partner. In this posture you just have to lean against a wall with your back turned towards your partner. You should bend a bit from your waist. This kind of a position helps your partner to insert easily. It can turn things spicy between the partners.

4Having sex in a bath tub

A special position which every couple must try out in the summers. Turning on one of your sides lift any of your legs up and hold your man close to you. While your man holds your other feet and carries forward with the insertion procedure. This kind of a summer sex position can be quite relaxing during warm weather.

3Sitting on your man’s lap

In this kind of a position you have to sit on your man’s lap with your legs thrown at the sides of his body. An erotic and a sensuous moment can be created between you and your partner while you have sex. Make sure your man gets to sit comfortably on a chair or on a sofa to carry forward the spicy operations with ultimate pleasure.

2Cowgirl in a riding motion

This is another famous position that every couple should try out during the warm weathers. It provides extreme pleasure to both the partners. You should be on the top of your man in a sitting position. While your man should lie down with his legs spread apart. You should get to sit on your man comfortably with your knees bent. In the meantime your palms should be used as a support. This position can provide you with awesome pleasure.

1Avoid body contact

This position is generally chosen by couples to make minimal body contacts during summer. You should lie on a bed while your man should keep his knees in between your legs. Your body should be bent on any one side so that both of you can have an eye contact. One of his legs should be kept close to your back so that he can insert properly and easily. This is among the best summer sex positions.

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