5 foods to help you get your beauty sleep

help you get your beauty sleep

A healthy sleep is essential so that you are able to perform your daily chores. Without a proper beauty sleep your health will suffer a lot. In order to maintain it many people takes high dose of sleeping pills. But that is not right. In this 21st century many people suffer from insomnia and also not able to grab proper rest after a hard day. This happens due to tension, stress, family and work pressures, financial crisis, and many other such social problems. Here are some beauty sleep foods that will enable you to have a grand sleep at night.


Bananas are rich in iron and minerals like magnesium and potassium which soothes your muscles. Amino acid tryptophan which is present inside this rich in iron yellow coloured fruit perishes into melatonin and serotonin (a hormone which causes your brain to relax). So you can consume this fruit in order to grab some relaxing sleep after a hard day’s work.


A bowl full of cherries consists of melatonin. This hormone is sure to bring you a beauty sleep. If you want to consume cherries when it is out of season then you can try out some tart cherry juice. Recent research has shown that drinking a glass of tart cherry juice will heal you off your insomnia. This is a grand news for insomnia patients.


One of the best beauty sleep foods also includes salmon. Though you might not prefer consuming it as a midnight snack. You can intake it while having your dinner. Recent researches has shown that if you are having higher blood levels of DHA then the omega-3 fatty acid that is found in fatty fish helps you gain some extra and sound sleep. Even if you do not like to have fish in your meals then you should have around 600 mg of it daily so that you can sleep soundlessly.


We have all seen that after chewing down some toast you tend to feel sleepy. Breads are rich in carbohydrates which raises the blood sugar level. This in turn acts as a sleep wake up clock for your body. Consuming too much of toast can also lead to restless and improper sleep. So from now on you can skip your large bowl of mac and cheese and instead grab some toasts and whole grain crackers.


Popcorn is yet another satisfying midnight snack. If you consume only two cups of popped up corn then it nearly comes up to 60 calories. This consumption brings you a satisfying amount of carbohydrates, minerals and polyphenol antioxidants. Brush up the corns with a slight amount of coconut oil instead of butter. This will boost up your sleep to a huge extent.

All the above mentioned foods are the best beauty sleep foods which enables you to wake up fresh and bright so that you are able to start your day off. The foods mentioned are quite healthy and do not cause you to gain weight.

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