5 foods to remove bad breath

remove bad breath

Are you tired of suffering from bad breath? Do you upon meeting someone realize that you are having stale breath? Then here are Foods to remove bad breath. It is scientifically proven that the below mentioned foods will help you to get rid of bad breath. It is quite natural that if you do not wash your mouth after eating something then you are going to smell bad. In that case many people for a temporary solution chew a chewing gum. If you want a permanent solution then you should follow the list of foods that can remove bad breath.


In order to remove bad odour you should consume black or green tea without putting any sugar in it. Both these kind of tea consist of polyphenol that can destroy bacteria which causes bad breath. Polyphenols in green tea are more effective and wise people prefer it more than black tea.


Foods that can remove bad breath also includes yogurt. If you consume yogurt without adding sugar to it then it lessens hydrogen sulphide. This is the main agent which causes bad breath. In order to have a nice smell you should consume yogurt twice a day.


Drink water in a large quantity. Water flushes out every kind of food particles that has been stuck in your mouth for a long time. If food particles stick in your teeth for a long time then it is most likely that you will have a bad breath. In order to avoid that drink as much water as you can. It acts as a cleansing agent and keeps your mouth wet. Water is a natural form of saliva.

4Parsley and Basil

Foods to remove bad breath include parsley and basil. These herbs help to fight against garlic and onion breath. If you consume anything with garlic in it then the polyphenols present in these two kind of herbs will break down the sulphur compounds in garlic. You just have to take care that the parsley and the basil leaves has to be consumed right after the meal. You can also consume it along with your meal.

5Apples and Spinach

After consuming any dish cooked out of garlic you should consume an apple or spinach. Both these foods are very rich in polyphenols and helps to break down stinky sulphur compounds. Spinach and garlic are delicious if consumed together.

All the above mentioned Foods to remove bad breath has proven quite effective when many people opted for it as per their dentist’s advice. Many dentists are still there who advises you to consume natural things rather than medicines until and unless it is very needed for your mouth. Many research scholars have shown that these foods have proven beneficial for many people facing bad breath. So now you can stay happy with these natural remedies and stop cursing your mouth. You can continue having your favourite dish but after that just follow these remedies to stay away from being called stinky.

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