5 Foods that refuel your Electrolytes


After a tiring endurance workout routine most people normally just take a breather while gulping water. However, strict endurance workout athletes who have to go through long hours of training or competing out in the sun, know for a fact that water may quench their thirst, but it’s not going to refuel your electrolytes.
The electrolytes lost as a result of heavy sweating can never be regained by simply drinking water, sport drinks or eating energy bars. Your body will need a stronger, healthier and more reliable source that replenishes all the electrolytes lost, without adding calories (like energy bars and sport drinks) to the body.
Thus you will need to know about the electrolytes that need replenishing and the food sources that contain the highest composition of these electrolytes. There are five major electrolytes that are vital for the body- Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium and Chloride. Hence the foods that contain these five are:



Research conducted on calcium-based beverages mostly milk products, have positively proven that milk drinks are much better for rehydrating your tired body after a good workout. In addition, milk also contains certain amounts of sodium and potassium, including rich protein and carbohydrates. All these help reduce muscle recovery time and replenish the calcium lost so that your body doesn’t suffer from problems like calcium deficiency. Other foods that are also good sources of calcium are yogurts and cereals.



Bananas contains a high composition of potassium, approximately 450 to 600 mg. They form the best post-workout potassium to refuel your electrolytes. which is healthier than an energy bar. Also while working out for around an hour, your body losses about 200- 600 mg of potassium. Hence bananas are perfect for restoring potassium to the body.
This potassium is crucial for preventing bone loss and kidney stones, supporting cardiovascular functions, coordinating muscle contractions and regulating blood pressure. Other fruits like oranges, raisins, prunes and melons are also rich in potassium, while whole foods like beans, peas, lentils and sweet potatoes are fairly good sources.


Bagel with Peanut Butter

Sodium is the electrolyte that is lost in excess as a result of sweating from working out. Sodium or salt is essential in retaining water for the body, thereby ensuring hydration for long periods of time. But when it is lost the body’s ability to retain hydration also diminishes. To avoid this replenish the lost sodium electrolytes with a salty post-workout snack of peanut butter and bagel. This snack provides 800 mg of sodium the approximate amount that is lost while sweating.


Green Leafy Vegetables

Magnesium also has many important functions within the body like regulating nerve functions, aiding in muscular contractions, bone development and enzyme activation. Green leafy vegetables are rich in magnesium and can replenish all the magnesium lost during workouts. Magnesium reduces fatigue on the body and thus if replenished after workouts can really be useful in doing away with fatigue. Foods like whole grains and dried beans also contain good compositions of magnesium.


Celery or Tomatoes

Celery and tomatoes contain chloride which is another vital mineral required for the maintenance of body and to refuel your electrolytes fluid pH levels, blood volume, fluid balance and blood pressure. Eating healthy balanced diets with tomatoes and celery is a great way to replenish your chloride stores. Similarly, olives, rye, lettuce and seaweed also supply high amounts of this mineral.

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