5 fashion tips to make you the centre of attraction

5 fashion tips

Do you want to be the centre of attraction among the crowd? Then you should follow the below mentioned Tips to be centre of attention. You have to be innovative enough to catch everyone’s eyes. There are many kinds of dresses that are found in the market. You just cannot go with the style of the season. You should always select the dress which you think will serve your style statement. This rule and creativity applies for both men and woman who are fashionable and style conscious.

1Be creative and wear clothes that fit with a contrast

You have to cause a rift between your upper and bottom wears. In the same way you need to be creative enough in the choice of colours. For woman it can be a crop top with a palazzo pant. This is a perfect combination and you are bound to catch everyone’s eyes and stand unique among all. Men can wear a bloated jacket on top.

2Apply materials reasonably

This is one of the best Tips to be centre of attention. Cotton isn’t the only material that is used as a cloth material. You should be the one to choose your dress material reasonably. During the winter months you can prefer woollen sweaters or leather jackets. On the other hand summer months can be made eye catching through your silk dress.

3Play smart with colours

Colours play an important role in making you the centre of attraction. You have to be really smart in case of colour choices. There are rules about colours. As we all know that rules are meant to be broken. In case of colours you can be more innovative once you break the long followed rule of colour. In order to make you appear explosive you can use brave and reciprocal colors. For example, orange and blue.

4Intelligent patterns on your dress

Patterns play a huge role in making you appear beautiful and catch catching. Do not make a mistake to select a pattern that is more common among the woman these days. Like you should not go with floral designs and tartan patterns. Instead you should select geometrical patterns and also color blocks. You should keep in mind that the colors should be contrasting and bright in order to make your style look the best among the crowd.

5Wear a dress from another culture

If you want to appear stylish and fashionable then you should wear a dress from another culture. This will catch everyone’s eyes nearby you. This is because your crowd isn’t used to view dresses from other culture. For example, if you wear an Indian dress like a salwar suit or a sari in England or anywhere else in the world apart from India then you are bound to catch everyone’s eyes and be the show stopper.

If you follow the above mentioned tips then you will be the centre of attraction wherever you visit. Apart from that you have to be a bit creative and also know what suits you best.

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