5 Elegant Summer Ponytail Trends for You to Look Stylish In the Season


Its summertime and that means summer hairdos with the best kinds of ponytails that look good on you. Here are some cool summer ponytail trends which will make you look classy and pretty with their vintage and contemporary styles. Summer ponytail trends are great for both work and play.

1High Curly Ponytail

Curls on a ponytail can make any girl look sexy and thus particular style will also make you look glamorous too. All you need to do is get your hair into curls before applying it into a ponytail knot. This is especially great if you have a natural curl which makes it all the more easier.

2Messy Ponytail with a Braid

A ponytail combined with messy hair can be very attractive especially on a gal with sharp features. Combined with a side braid ponytail to a messy hair do is fabulous for looks and comfort in summer. Wear it at any event, a date, a wedding, to work or just for a casual fling on the beach.

3French Braid into Low Side Ponytail

This could well be one of the most stunning ways to wear a ponytail. With an awesome French side braid as a side ponytail it will highlight the spectacular look of the braids. When you’re trying out this hairdo, don’t forget to apply some hair oil like coconut or hair serum. The French braid ponytail is chic and elegant and great for a photo shoot too. Bt make sure you capture your side braid in each photograph to look stunning.

4Bubble Low Ponytail

This is a simple Ponytail hairdo with a bubbly look great for a day on the beach or at a picnic with friends. It could well match your bubbly personality too. This requires a half done fishtail braid and in summer this looks absolutely stylish not forgetting the highlight top your feminine side too.

Braided Half-Up Ponytail

If you want to go for a real glamorous look as part of the summertime ponytail trends then try the braided half up Ponytail. This looks great if you have long hair below your shoulders. Just braid up your hair into three half braids from three front sections. Keep braiding until you reach the area that starts the ponytail and ensure your braids point to this direction. Us a hair band or wrap up your hair to resemble a band both ways it’s going to make you look beautiful
Braided Half-Up Ponytail

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