5 best vitamins for your skin and how to get them naturally

best vitamins for your skin

Do you want to get rid of skin problems? Then for that you have to take in vitamins naturally. That can be only possible if you maintain a healthy diet full of fruits and veggies. There are many people who prefers taking pills and applying lotions for getting vitamins. Well it is always better if you take in Vitamins for your skin naturally. Vitamins helps you to stay young forever by delaying the age of your wrinkles, keeping your skin hydrated as it increases the antioxidant level, helps protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, and many others. Here are five vitamins for your skin problems.

1Vitamin A

It helps to maintain and mend vital skin tissue. If you don’t want a dry and a flaky skin then you must increase the level of this vitamin right now in your body. Foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots, dark and leafy vegetables should be consumed so that the level of Vitamin A increases in your body.

2Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B Complex consists of biotin which is very essential for our nails, skin and hair cells. If it is less in your body then you might suffer from dermatitis or hair loss. Oatmeal, rice, eggs and bananas can be included in your diet so as to get a healthy glow on your skin. Vitamins for your skin should be increased by the consumption of all the mentioned essential things.

3Vitamin C

Make your diet full of citrus fruits, leafy greens, bell pepper and cauliflower. On its consumption this vitamin can increase the collagen production in your body, helps boost skin texture and also lessen wrinkles. Vitamins for your skin problems can be received with the consumption of these veggies and fruits.

4Vitamin E

This helps in the reduction of scars and also gives you a smooth and a glowing skin. To keep your skin baby soft you need to take in nuts, olives and spinach. With a good amount of Vitamin E in your body you also get a strong hair.

5Vitamin K

With an ample amount of Vitamin K in your body you do not face any kind of dark circles. Vitamins for your skin is essential so that you can flaunt off with a healthy skin. Dark and leafy greens increases the level of Vitamin K in your body.

The above mentioned Vitamins are a must for you to stay fit and healthy. These will also give you a natural glow on your skin.

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