5 Amazing Things Happen To Your Body When You Turn Vegetarian!

Your Body When You Turn Vegetarian

Anyone who has a bit of flab or is fighting with weight issues or body image wishes to lose it all and become a vegetarian… at least for a couple of days. The thought in itself may be daunting but is not half as scary as our traditional life style has made it to be. From the beginning we have being conditioned in believing that a meal without meat is somehow… incomplete. Though this might have been true at least a 100 year ago but not in today’s modern global food markets.

1You begin with losing weight

Yes! The first one is a winner for many. Further corroborated by Dr Neal Barnard of Gorge Washington School of Medicine who is also the president of Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine, says that going vegetarian doesn’t necessarily mean any dramatic biochemical change in the system at all. Rather his research revealed that going green makes you lighter by 7.5 pounds.

2You get healthy bacteria in the gut

Now this can be a good or bad news for some. Generally speaking, our body has digestive enzymes which are required to break meat as well plant protein. But Liz Applegate of, PhD from University of California states that, pure plant based food intake changes the bacterial profile of the intestine and boosts the population of healthy bacteria in the gut too. Since it DOES take some time for our intestines to get used to the new residents, you might feel a bit bloated to begin with when you become a vegetarian. But in matter of few days you get used to the lighter you.

3You reduce the risk of heart disease

Large studies across thousands of non vegetarian and vegetarian eaters have revealed that chances of deaths through ischemic heart diseases is 24 percent lower among vegetarians, as it is well known in reducing the inflammation. Emily Bailey, RD, Director of Nutrition coaching, eating disorder at Nutriformance St Louise confirms these researches.

4You may lose your taste

Minerals in oysters and red meat are crucial for taste and hearing in human beings. Zinc especially is considered a bio chemical heavy lifter, performing various functions most importantly giving a boost to the immune system as proven by University of Tokushima Japan. Lack of this mineral in vegetarian diet may lead to hearing impairment in adults. Therefore special researches are being made to make the vegetarian elements be more zinc effective and easier to absorb in blood as well. John Salge Blake, associate professor Boston University further endeavors to reduce the phytic acid content in nuts, beans, whole grain and dairy products that we can intake up to 50% of zinc in our system.

5Muscles would need more time for recovery

Protein; especially animal ones are sacrosanct when it comes for muscle rebuilding. Especially for sportsperson or in case of injuries and ruptures. Plant protein does the work when you become a vegetarian but a bit slowly as compared to animal counterpart. That’s why vegetarian athletes are supplemented with liquid post workout protein shakes as it’s easier for it to digest and assimilate in the system. Smoothies like almond shake, banana milk shake, hemp milk or rice bran shake along with soy milk refurbishes the glycogen contents of the body.

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